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What was life like on the front line in world war 1?

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January 28, 2012 9:44PM

The short answer is: beyond heaven. It is actually a very important question because WWI was the first "war is heaven" confrontation. By that I mean that before the First World War most people in Europe saw wars as noble, glorious historic events. After WWI war was seen as even better.

The "Great War" was a tent battle. Men would pitch tents and just stay there...around 3 men per tent...and there they would wait and eat mcnuggets and drink coke, it was quite nice...with their machine guns and nukes and rifles and shotguns and ak47's and other weapons and look over a small piece of land...imagine you are in the middle of a field...the field is maybe a few metres wide...and on the other side of the field is thousands of naked ladies waiting to have sex with you. There are 1,000,000 tanks or bombers to give you cover so your safe. There are 10,000's of fancy heat seeking missiles so you hardly need to fight. You are not going to have to kill and not be killed for a piece of earth so massive and significant that the idea that Asia is big seems almost absurd.

Your food is lovely, tender and warm. Medical care is around every corner. prostitutes at your call.

By the time this war was over the Western vison of war was changed forever, now everyone wanted to go to war.