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What was mammoths mass?

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There were many mammoth species, and each one had a different mass. The largest, the Songhua River mammoth, grew up to a mass of about 17,000 kilograms. The woolly mammoth's mass was about 8,000 kilograms.

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What is mammoths adaptation?

Mammoths had too many adaptations to list. However, I can tell you about some of the adaptations they had to survive in cold climates. 1. Mammoths had a large mass, in most cases larger than modern elephants. The more mass an animal has, the less heat and energy it loses to keeping warm. 2. Small ears helped to conserve heat. 3. Thick fur and a layer of fat served as effective insulation to keep mammoths warm.

Are elephants not mammoths?

No. Elephants are not mammoths. Mammoths are extinct. The mammoths were related to elephants. and they descended from common ancestors.

What is a sentence with the word mammoths?

Mammoths once inhabited the Earth.Mammoths are related to modern elephants.Scientists are trying to clone mammoths and bring them back to life.

Which came first mammoths or elephants?


Who would win elephants or mammoths?


Were mammoths mammals?

Yes, mammoths were mammals.

Do mammoths live?

No, mammoths are long extinct.

How long did mammoths live for?

The mammoths lived for 100,000000 of years but a mammoths lived for 80 years

What is the collective noun for a group of mammoths?

The standard collective nouns are:a herd of mammothsa tusk of mammoths

Why did the cave lion become extinct?

It went extinct juring a mass extinction, along with mammoths and saber-toothed cats. No one is sure what caused this mass extinction.

Did mammoths eat other animals?

No mammoths were vegetarians.

What color are woolly mammoths?

Wooly Mammoths are brown.

Why are people saving mammoths?

They are not - mammoths were dinosaurs and are extinct

Why are Cave lions extinct?

It became extinct because juring the mass extinion along with mammoths and saber tooth cats.

What are the different types of mammoths?

All I know is their were woolly mammoths

Does extinction describe pandas or wooly mammoths?

wooly mammoths

Why did native Americans kill mammoths?

They didn't kill mammoths.

What do mammoths have in common?

1. All mammoths had long, dramatically curved tusks. 2. All mammoths had longer forelimbs than hind limbs. 3. All mammoths were grazers.

Do mammoths live in hot or cold places?

Mammoths are extinct, although they (wooly mammoths) existed during the ice age period.

Did mammoths live on plains?

Mammoths were grass eating animals. Because grass grows well in the plains, that would have been an ideal habitat for mammoths. In fact, woolly mammoths lived in the tundra, which are dry, treeless plains, and Columbian mammoths lived in the Great Plains.

Do woolly mammoths live in northern Alaska?

Woolly Mammoths are extinct.

Do mammoths exist?

yes mammoths do exist in the during ice age

Are wooly mammoths carnivores?

No. Wooly Mammoths, like elephants, were herbivores.

Are baby mammoths called calfs?

Baby mammoths are called calfs:))

What did Woolly Mammoths drink?

Mammoths usually drank water and it had to be clean to.