What was marxist socialism eventually called?

Marxism was originally created by philosophers Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels in the Communist Manifesto (brilliantly written, highly suggested) during 1848 in the midst of the first Red Revolution (strongly assumed to be caused by the Communist Manifesto).

Marxism is the basic form and grandfather of communism. Marxism is the belief that the bourgeois have gained too much power and are controlling everything, while the workers and the proletariats have lost their say in what the country should be doing. So Marx and Engels believe that the working and middle class (the proletariats) should revolt and overthrow the upper-class (bourgeois) from power because all the proletariats have left to lose is the shirts on their backs and nothing else.

Then the Manifesto goes on to explain that the government would be run by the proletariat for the proletariat and everyone would be paid equally, given equal chances at schools etc. The government would have one ultimate leader and have all of their businesses owned by the government, so that no one business could become too powerful and push out small businesses painfully creating much economic strain on the owners and turning them out to the streets with little chance of survival.

Marxism caused the death of Fredrich Engels and forced Karl Marx to flee Germany in efforts to escape from angry mobs, he later died in England.

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways- the point however is to change it"- Karl Marx