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What was most popular in Pop Culture in 1967?

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Jean and Leather jackets, Muscle cars.

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What is shown in pop art?

Something popular. Something in pop culture.

What was popular in 1996 pop culture?


What is the definition of modern popular culture?

what is the definition of modern pop culture

What does the art term Pop Art mean?

Pop = popular. The subject matter is taken from popular culture.

What is pop psych psychology?

pop, as in popular, pertains to any current contemporary pop culture study of the mind.

How has pop culture influenced American artistic expression?

Pop culture has pervaded most of American life. As a result, a lot of artistic expression draws from pop culture, and includes pop culture references and symbols.

What subject did Andy Warhol choose to paint?

He was most known for his 'pop' art--paintings that reflected the popular culture at the time.

Write a brief note on popular culture?

Popular culture, or Pop-Culture is usually what is popular in society at a certain amount of time. It might be a television program, a fashion line, or a music group. Pop-Culture usually changes every two months to another craze, to keep people consuming entertainment.

What is a pop culture icon?

A pop culture icon is someone who is recognized as extremely popular in the "pop culture" industry. This includes many TV stars (such as Jeremy Shum, other MTV VJ's, newsreporters), as well as popstars, celebrities, etc.

What's Pop American culture?

Most people associate "rock 'n roll" and "pop culture" with the 60's.

What is the most popular type of music?

The most popular type of music is either Pop or Hip-Hop. Most likely Pop as this is the Age of Pop as defined by the music world.

How did pop culture start?

Pop-culture did not start in the conventional sense, it describes the self-realization of popular trends in society and is not a tangible item. There is no true start to pop-culture as humans have always possessed self-awareness since the dawn of man.

Is music a legitimate popular culture?

yes. music is a part of pop culture and has helped shaped all cultures to be what they are today.

A form of art where artists make popular culture into artwork is called what?

Pop Art

What Are The Most Popular Sodas?

the most popular pop would be coca cola products

What is the most popular type of music in Germany?

The most popular in germany is pop or rock

Which pop artist is the most popular?

Elvis Presley and Micheal Jackson were the most popular.

Is Palpatine the most evil character in pop culture?

One of them.

How popular Pop Music is?

Pop music has been the most popular music since the 1950s. Since technology today has advanced, pop music is now more techno than it was back then. Pop music is the most popular music followed by Rock and Roll.

What was the most popular type of music in the 1960?

pop music was the most popular music in 1960.

What is a pop culture?

it is the study of celebrities, trends, and subjects that are popular with the people of that nation or common interest

This art featured the use of items and objects of popular culture such as comic strips?

pop art

What is when artists used objects of popular culture as subject matter for their artworks?

It is called pop art

Was Michael Jackson a pop singer?

He was labeled the King Of POPULAR CULTURE by his good friend Elizabeth Taylor. Since then people have called him that, but shortened popular culture to pop. Michael sang all types of music, Disco, R&B, Rap, Rock, Pop, Soul. All. So that's why he was named this. In my opinion, I think he wasn't much of a pop singer.She said popular culture as, he's always up to date. He knows how to connect with people of all eras and genres.

How did pop culture influence the 1960s?

May be people were more likely to play pop and other people liked pop much. and listen to it very often that's why its popular.