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What was nazi anti semitism in the 1930s?

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it was a supposedly rationalised prejudice.

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The US was in no position to comment as their anti-black laws were just as bad. The US did nothing.

Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews.

Anti-semitism in Nazi Germany benefited Hitler because he was able to use it for his own purposes. By focusing people on the Jews, Hitler was able to get them to murder millions of people and to turn against other countries as well.

Anti-Semitism was in laymen's terms "really not nice" and it remains so.

Anti-semitism is one specific form of racism.

Traditional Anti-Semitism is usually also called Religious Anti-Semitism. Religious Anti-Semitism was a hatred of Jews based on what they believed and Judaism was a "disease" that was "curable" through conversion out of Judaism.

Anti-Semitism is discrimination against Jews.

Anti-Semitism is the racial hatred of Jews.

Anti-Semitism is discrimination directed at Jews.

it didn't really, it built on existing antisemitism.

Propaganda , Education , Anti-semitism , Terror, and the Nazi run Economy.

by blaming Jews for economic woes and appealing to injured German prideby blaming the country's woes on Jews.

Anti-Semitism is prejudice against jews.

Anti-semitism is a prejudice against jews.

Anti-semitism is discrimination against Jews.

anti semitism is the act of dislike or hatred towards Jewish people. it is related to the Nazi's because the Nazi's tried to cleanse their nation of the Jewish People by exterminating them.

There is no "central" organization for Anti-Semitism, but there are numerous organizations that are explicitly Anti-Semitic. These range from White Supremacist Groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Stormfront to Islamist Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to Neo Nazi Groups.

Correct, anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews.

The Paradox of Anti-Semitism was created in 2006.

His Anti-Semitism has displeased a lot of people in his community.

The Politics of Anti-Semitism has 178 pages.

'Anti Semitism' is an unfair prejudice against Jews on various grounds. Perhaps the most famous anti-semitics were the Nazis, but anti-semitism has been around for a long time.

Anti-Semitism targets JEWS for hatred and, usually, violence.

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