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He was first inaugurated as president on January 20, 2009.

i do it's about the obamas and it's called first family.

Pretend that the U.S. Constitution does not exist.

what are president personal qualifications for the president

Barack and Michelle Obama are the First couple of the United States. In other words, the President and First Lady of the U.S.

President Obama doesn't have a son.

President Barack Obama's term will end in January 2017. President Obama is the first African-American president and has served 2 terms.

She died when he was a young boy.

He is President-Elect Obamas senior advisor.

As the sitting President, he has no district.

As the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama has given hope to the minority groups in the US.

President O'Bama was the Senator of Illonois before being Elected President.

The president and his family do not have a cat; they have a dog, whose name is Bo.

Yes, according to newspaper reports, Marian Robinson did accompany the family to Cuba; this is not entirely surprising, since the "First Grandmother" is very close with the president and Michelle's two daughters and has often taken care of Sasha and Malia when the president and first lady need to be at a diplomatic function.

The late Stanley Ann Dunham was from Kansas.

August 4th, and the year of his birth is 1961.

she croaked at age 86, 2 days before barack was elected as first African American president

they don,t, or atleast they haven't since becoming president.

No, there is no evidence of it. Both the president and first lady love this country, respect the flag, and would never attend such an event.

His full name is Barack Hussein Obama II.

Cause obamas president, that's why

well obamas the only black president and he isn't a African so we don't have one....

President Barak Obama secret code name was Renegade.

he was baskin robins worker

The office of the president of the united states is in the White house and the city is in Washington, DC

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