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The United States sent money to Europe.

The United States agreed to pay to rebuild Europe.

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Was the Marshall plan a loan?

The Marshall Plan was, indeed a loan. No, the Marshall plan was not a loan. It was aid. There were loans made but they were not part of the Marshall Plan itself.

What was a part of the Marshall plan?

U.S sent money to Europe.

When was the Marshall Plan in effect?

The Marshall Plan lasted from 1948-1951.

Why did the Soviet Union oppose the Marshall Plan?

The Marshall Plan was a part of the "containment" policy of the Cold War. The clear intent of the Marshall Plan was to prevent the spread of Communism, and in the case of the Marshall Plan, the prevention of Communism in European countries like Greece and Turkey. The Soviet Union opposed this because the spread of Communism to other countries would extend its control over them.

What did the Marshall plan mostly focus on?

The Marshall Plan focused on the reconstruction of Europe.

Who came up with the marshall plan?

The "Marshall Plan" was made by one person only an ecologist name Art Marshall.

Who was the first president under the Marshall Plan?

Harry S. Truman was the first president. The inventor of the marshall plan was George Marshall.

Why was the Marshall Plan selected?

The Marshall plan was selected because General Marshall presented his plan to the president and congress. They decided it was the best plan presented. They wanted to get Europe back to work as fast as possible.

What was the point of the marshall plan?

The Marshall Plan was intended to prevent the spread of communism into war weakened countries.

Who was the author of the Marshall Plan?

I have attached a link that explains the Marshall Plan well. See the link below.

Who created the Marshall plan?

Secretary of state, George Marshall.

What was the Marshall Plan and what did it do?

A marchial plan is a recovering plan or a developing strategy.

Did the Marshall Plan Succeed?

yes, the Marshall plan was successful. It helped make Europe prosperous once again.

What did the us think of the Marshall plan?

the us thought the Marshall plan was ok! by that like they thought it was a good idea!

Why was the Marshall plan introduced?

The Marshall paln was introduced as a plan to rebuild Europe, more specifically Germany, after WW2

What was the goal of the marshall plan?

The goal of the Marshall Plan was to rebuild the economies of western Europe to prevent the spread of communism.

Who made a plan to rebuild Europe after world war 2?

Gen George C. Marshall - the Marshall Plan

How did the Marshall Plan continue the Truman Doctrine?

the Marshall plan continued it by buying and supporting the smaller European countries.

What did Germany's Marshall Plan do?

The Marshall Plan was actually a United States assistance package, not a German one. The U.S. government basically offered loans to countries damaged if not decimated by World War II so that they could rebuild into stable capitalist/democratic countries. The Marshall Plan was motivated in part by a desire to keep Communism at bay in Europe. It also helped American companies since the Marshall Plan money given to European governments was spent on American products, largely. The only country that actually repaid all of its Marshall Plan debt in full was Finland.

What was an important result of the marshall plan?

An important result of the Marshall plan was that it marked the beginning of America's regular involvement in Europe.

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