What was the 'My newsfeed' tab on WikiAnswers?

"My newsfeed" was shown on the site for a short time instead "My watchlist."

Answers.com community members can easily follow categories that interest them, as well as follow questions and answers that interest them (great way to get notified when an unanswered question gets answered).

The watchlist is an aggregation of all these updates happening in areas you're following (subscribed to).

If you want to see what's new, that's the place to start from.

So make sure you follow categories and questions that interest you (all question pages and category pages have a button to follow them). You can also go to the "Edit watchlist" page and choose categories from there.

Once you've personalized your list, check it out on the site by going to "My watchlist." Make sure that your settings also are set to send you email updates about these watchlist updates.