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What was the Asian axis in World War 2?

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Thailand, Japan, Manchukuo were Asian allies in the Axis Forces.

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How many Axis powers were in World War 2?

10 axis powers were during world war 2 10 axis powers were during world war 2 10 axis powers were during world war 2 I believe there were six axis powers in the world war 2... I found it out of my younger brother's History Book from his school

What was the role of both the Allied and Axis World War 2?

the allies role in world war 2 was to liberate Europe & the pacific against the axis the axis role in world war 2 was to take over the world & execute Jews

What two Asian countries became part of World War 2?

Most Asian countries were involved in World War 2

Name 2 of the three axis powers in World War 2?

Two of the axis powers during World War 2 are Germany and Italy. The third axis power is Japan.

Asian Axis power in world war 2?

The Axis powers in Asia were Manchukuo, Thailand and Japan. There were allied with Germany and other countries too. Germany helped Japan with necessary war supplies and natural resources.

Who where the axis in world war 2?

The Axis were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Who were the axis World War 2?

Axis : Germany , Japan and Italy .

Was penicillin first used in World War 1 or World War 2?

World War 2. The Allies had it, and the Axis did not.

Did the Axis Powers win in World War 2?

No, the Allies won World War 2.

How many Axis soldiers died in World War 2?

6,310,000 axis soldiers died in World War II

What happened in Japan that led to World War 2?

Japan pretty much started World War 2 on the Asian side. Japan attacked China and other Asian cities to gain power and land. I belive that Japan thought that they would get more land if they joined they axis side.

How many casualties did the axis powers have in World War 2?

During World War 2 the total casualty lost by Axis were about 53.25 Million.

How many Asian soldiers died in World War I and World War 2?

Over one million Asian soldiers died in World War 1.

Who were main axis in World War 2?

The Axis were Germany, Japan and Italy.

Was Germany an Allied Axis or neutral power in World War 2?

Germany started World War 2 by invading Poland. It was an Axis power. Germany created the Axis, starting in 1936.

How many axis were killed during World War 2?

Around 15.3 Million Axis people were killed during world war 2. 58% being Axis Military Deaths.

Who were japan's allies during war world 2?

the axis powersjapan's allies in world war 2 where the Germans and the italys they where called the axis powers

Which Axis Power surrender in World War 2?

All 3 surrendered in World War 2.

What three technology the axis used in world war 2?

The 3 key technology the Axis used during World War 2 are:TanksGunsBombs

Was Hitler allies or axis in World War 2?

He was Germany's leader, therefore Axis.

What Asian country started World War 2?

No Asian country started the World War II. Germany (which is in Europe), is the country who started the World War II by Hitler and the Nazis.

Are soviets in world war 2 an axis or a allie?

They were both. They started out as axis, but then moved to allied after the axis betrayed them.

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