What was the Baedeker blitz?

During 1942, Germany launched a series of air attacks against English cities of historical importance featured in the Baedeker Guide to Great Britain. These "Baedeker raids" were carried out as revenge for Royal Air Force bombing attacks against German cities, including Berlin.The Baedeker Blitz was conducted by the German Luftwaffe between April and June in 1942. The aim of the raids was to bomb the most historic parts of Britain, and to damage the British morale. The Germans bombed Norwich, York, Bath, Exeter and Canterbury - all very historic parts of Britain. They aimed particularly at churches and cathedrals, but their aim was not good enough, and most of them were missed.

Verlag Karl Baedeker was a German author who wrote travel guides, one of his guides was based upon Britain. The Nazis obviously thought that he knew what he was talking about and based their raids upon prettier but relatively unimportant cities.

Baron Gustav Braun von Sturm, a German propagandist said "We shall go out and bomb every building in Britain marked with three stars in the Baedeker Guide."