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What was the Battle of the Somme?

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2018-03-09 10:05:40

During the First World War, which lasted from the 28th July 1914

to 11th November 1918, the Battle of the Somme became notorious for

the slaughter inflicted on opposing forces between 1st Jul 1916 –

18th Nov 1916. It was fought by the armies of the British and

French against the German forces. More than three million men

fought in this battle and one million men were wounded or killed.

It went down in history as one of the bloodiest battle of all time

- it was simply a slaughter of a generation of young men on both


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2018-03-09 10:13:16

the battle of the somme was part of ww1

A major WW-1 Battle led by Sir Douglas Haig's attack with

750,000 troops

on 1 July 1916. The German defenders totaled about 500,000 men

in 16

Divisions. After four months of fighting and a gain on the

ground of only

about seven miles the British called it quits. Losses were

staggering. The

British suffered about 96,000 casualties, the French 51,000 and

the Germans lost 164,055. More than a million troops on both sides


killed or wounded without a real tactical or strategic gain.

This was my essay on it HOPE IT HELPS !(:

The Battle of the Somme took place July 1 and November 18 1916

in France. The Somme is an area in France some distance above

Paris. It was part of the Western Front. The battle of the somme

consited of the British and France army and the Germany army. The

battle was one of the largest battles in world war one, understood

to be one of the bloodiest military operations ever recorded, Lloyd

George called the battle of the Somme: 'The most gigantic,

tenacious, grim, futile and bloody fight ever waged in the history

or war'.

With brutal frontal assaults to break the enemy defences, and

brave soldiers following behind, forced to stay in the horrendous

tenches. The violence against each army was unbearable. Soldiers

where fighting on ground filled with rats, unburied dead, and

mostly coverd in mud. soldiers showed the same bravery and

determination then any battle in world war one.

As winter set in, the battle was over ( November 18 ) grief and

horrorfilled the mines of the people back home. The Battle Of The

Somme came to a end, six miles of ground has been taken.The battle

prevented Germany from occupying Verdun and eventually perhaps the

all of France.

It is often overshadowed by the victory at the Battle of Vimy

Ridge, but the battle of the Somme played a great role in world war

one as well as all the others.

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