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It was staggering among the commoners, and even the nobility was afflicted. some famous people who died in childbirth were the Polish Queen Jadwiga ( or Hedwig) and Queen Isabella of Spain, in l504. This was evidentally a real heavy health hazard in the dark ages and there was little effort expended to combat or control it. Even today it is a health problem people don"t like to talk about and is even neatly edited out of the obituaries in some cases, last winter, I saw an ambulance marked ( maternity care) in a parking orbit outside a local funeral parlor, with a police car escorting. there was nothing in the paper about any child or maternal deaths in the obituaries the next few days and I checked. Unlike Cancer, auto crashes, or even muggings, it is a cause of death people don"t like to talk about.

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Q: What was the Childbirth Fatality in Medieval Times?
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