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What was the Declaratory Act?

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It stated that Britain could still pass laws affecting the colonies. It also gave Parliament power over the colonies.

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Which came first the Declaratory act or the Stamp Act?

The Stamp Act came before the Declaratory act.

What is the date of the declaratory act?

The date of the declaratory act is March 18, 1766.

What were the general ideas of the 1766 Declaratory Act?

the declaratory act declared that briten had the right to tax the colonies.

Who passed the declaratory act?

The house of commons passed the declaratory act on the 18th of march 1766

Which act replaced the stamp act?

declaratory act

What act was passed after the stamp act?

The Declaratory Act.

What was the declaratory act of 1765?

The parlament passed the Declaratory Act in 1765, issuing new laws governing the colonists.

In 1766 what act was passed by Parliament?

declaratory act

Why did the colonists ignore the declaratory act?

because the colonists were too excitied at the repeal of the stamp act that they didnt pay attention the the implementation of declaratory act

When did the declaratory act happen?


What year was the declaratory act?


What was the declaratory act significance?

it was old

What was the Declaratory Act about?

declarative setences

What is the declaratory act?

It is for something good.

When was Declaratory Act passed?


How did the British and colonists react to the declaratory act?

They didn't like the declaratory act because it was England's way of saying " back off!"

Why did the colonists dislike the Declaratory Act?

Colonists disliked the declaratory act because they didn't get a say in what taxes to pass and which taxes not to pass.

What happened to the declaratory act?

The act was eventually repealed by Parliament.

What was repealed the day the declaratory act was passed?

The Stamp Act

What is the decalarty act of 1766?

The declaratory act of 1766 is an act Britain used to replace the stamp act the declaratory act is to- proclaim the right of Britain to pass laws regulating the colonies(including trade)

What was the effect of the declaratory act?

The Declaratory Act is a common term referring to the American Colonies Act of 1766. It was an Act implemented by Britain to repeal the Stamp Act due to the boycott impacting the British economy.

What was the result of the declaratory act?

The Declaratory Act was made in 1766. It repealed the Stamp Act, but stated that the British could tax the colonies the same as they could tax the British.

The purpose of British Declaratory act of 1766?

The purpose of the British Declaratory Act of 1766 is for Great Britain to have ultimate control of the English Colonies.

What came first the stamp act declaratory act or the quartering act?

the quartering act

What act was passed by Parliament along with repeal of the Stamp Act?

The Declaratory Act