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shows the DJIA low of 1993 was on Inauguration Day, Jan 20, closing at 3,241.95.

Yahoo Finance shows the DJIA opened on Clinton's Inauguration Day at 3255.99.

In addition to a budget surplus, William Jefferson Clinton left George Walker Bush with a DJIA of 10,587.59. That's a return of 226% or 15.9% annually.

Clinton continues to get 0 credit from the media and the Republicans and the public in general for these fine achievements. In fact the Democrats lost the House, including Speaker of the House Tom Foley as a thank you for their act in 1993 which led to the balanced budget, which kept interest rates low throughout the 1990s, enabling this bull run.

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Q: What was the Dow Jones average at Bill Clinton's first Inaugaration?
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