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What was the Great Plains main animal?

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Buffalo, also known as the American Bison.

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What was the great plains important animal?

The great plains important animal was the Bison.

What is the main crop in the Great Plains?

The main crop of the Great Plains is wheat.

Animal life in the great plains?

gunga used to live in great plains

What is a house made of animal skins and found in the great plains?

The houses made of animal skins and were located in the Great Plains are Tepees which are also referred to as Tipi.

What is the main crop of the great plains?


What is the great plains main crop?


What are the main land regions of Nebraska?

The Great Plains and the Dissected Till Plains.

What is the important animal resource of great plains Indians?

The plains Indians relied on the bison.

What Names of the 4 main regions in Texas?

Mountains and Basins, Central Plains, Coastal Plains and the Great Plains

What animal transformed human life on the great plains?

The horse.

Great Plains animal that came near to extinction?


How many main land regions does Kansas have?

3 regions. till plains, south eastern plains, and the great plains.

What is the main difference between the central plains and the great plains?

Central planes are planes that intersect

What is the main natural region between the Mississippi river and rocky mountains?

the great plains (plains)

What animal was raised in large numbers on the Great Plains by the white man?

Cattle and sheep are still raised in large numbers on the Great Plains.

What is the main mountain range by the great plains?

The Rocky Mountains

What is a great plains wild animal?

bison or buffalo what the indians hunted

What are the animal in the great plains?

bison, Black-footed ferret, Pronghorn,

What are the 4 main land regions of South Dakota?

Main four land region of South DakotaThe Dissected Till PlainsThe Drift PlainsThe Great PlainsThe Black Hills

What plains animal did some jumano hunt?

There are many animals that Jumano hunt. The main animal they eat are Buffalo.

How many land regions does Kansas have?

Kansas has three main land regions. These regions are the Till Plains, the Great Plains, and the Southeastern Plains.

What became the main crop of the Great plains?

Corn and wheat and soy beans and the main crops.

What animal was the main source food for the plains Indians?

The main source of food the plain Indians ate is buffalo.

Are the great plains plains?

Yes, the great plains are plains.

Which animal provided food and clothing for the American Indians on the Great Plains?

The buffalo