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What was the Progressive Era?

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A movement to encourage the elimination of corruption in the government

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When was the Progressive Era?

The Progressive Era was from the 1890s to the 1920s.

Are we in a progressive era today?

We are emerging into a progressive era with Obama's second term.

When did the progressive era occur in US history?

I think they did progressive era because of the different believes.

How did the initiative idea function during the progressive era?

How did the initiative idea function during the progressive era?

What era started after the Industrial Revolution?

Progressive Era

What were the Similarities between the new deal and the progressive era?

The New Deal and Progressive Era both were in the same time. But the actual similarity is that the New Deal was the first part of Roosevelt's Progressive Era plan.

Was progressive era progressive?

yes it was successful. The Progressive era illustrates the ineffectiveness of American society and government in dealing with issues of control over industrial capitalism

Why did the progressive era start?

The Progressive Era began with the modified theory of Social Darwinism and the eminent corruption within their government.

The progressive era was primarily concerned with?

The Progressive Era had to do with fixing the corruption and any other bad thing like segregation going on.

What the progressive era was what legacy of this period can be seen or felt to day?

define what is the progressive era was . What legacy of this period can be seen or felt today?

Who were the 3 progressive era presidents?

Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson were the Presidents in what is usually called the Progressive Era.

What were the shortfalls of the Progressive Era?

There were several shortfalls of the Progressive Era. It includes long working hours, corrupt politicians, and educational institutions suffered.

The term used to describe the progressive reforms of President Theodore Roosevelt?

progressive era

What are the voting reforms recall initiative and referendum are associated with what era?

Progressive era

What were the beliefs of the progressive era?

Werewolfs and Vampires

Were did progressive era happend?

the united states

What where the journalists of the progressive era called?


What did the progressive era want?

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How did immigration effect the progressive era?


What did the Progressive Era try to fix?


Who were the presidents during the Progressive Era?

* President Theodore Roosevelt * President Woodrow Wilson * President William Taft Were all Presidents during the Progressive Era.

Where was the progressive era?

in America between 1890-1913.

When did the progressive era start and end?


When did the Progressive Era begin?

the 1880s to the 1920's

How many people were unemployed in the Progressive Era?


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