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Q: What was the Puritan Age?
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What movement was Patrick Henry apart of the Puritan Age of Reason or Romantanism?

puritan age of reason

What is puritan age in English literature?

PURITAN: A member of a Protestant group of Christians in England in the 16th and 17th centuries who wanted to worship God in a simple way is known as puritan age.

What was the Puritan term for their holy society?

puritan "covenant"

What is a puritan conformist?

A Puritan who stayed in the Church of England.

Who was the literary titan of the Puritan Age?

Within the boundaries of what would later become the United States, Jonathan Edwards.

When did Puritan Records end?

Puritan Records ended in 1927.

When was Puritan Records created?

Puritan Records was created in 1920.

When was A Puritan's Mind created?

A Puritan's Mind was created in 1998.

When was The Last Puritan created?

The Last Puritan was created in 1935.

Religion in the Connecticut colony?

The religion in the Connecticut colony is Puritan. Most people who lived there were puritan. They even had a puritan church!!

What has the author Puritan written?

Puritan. has written: 'A Puritane set forth in his lively colours: or, K. James his description of a Puritan'

How is puritan life?

Puritan life was very strict and religious. In the Puritan colonies the families attended church every Sunday and this was mandated. The Puritan children had rules and chores within the family.

What was the need for education of a puritan in 1640?

What was the need for education of a puritan in 1640?

What is the duration of Puritan Passions?

The duration of Puritan Passions is 1.17 hours.

In Twelfth Night is Malvolio a Puritan?

Yes he is. I am studing Twelth Night at the moment, and he is definatley a puritan. -- Malvolio is only "a kind of Puritan". Stage reproductions have at times portrayed him as a Puritan (buckles and hats and all) to place emphasis on his snobbery, but he is only, as Maria calls him "a kind of Puritan." and a "time pleaser". So no, he is not "definatley" a puritan,

When was puritan society ORGANIZED?

the puritan society was organized in the late 16th century

Who Anne Hutchingson?

A devout-Puritan who was thought to be, by many Puritan leaders, to be a troublemaker.

Was Benjamin Franklin a puritan or a patriot?

Just being a Patriot does not mean you can not be a Puritan.

Was Thomas hooker puritan minister?

yes Thomas Hooker was a puritan minister

When did John Davenport - Puritan - die?

John Davenport - Puritan - died in 1670.

When was John Davenport - Puritan - born?

John Davenport - Puritan - was born in 1597.

When was Richard Rogers - Puritan - born?

Richard Rogers - Puritan - was born in 1550.

When did Richard Rogers - Puritan - die?

Richard Rogers - Puritan - died in 1618.

When did Arthur Dent - Puritan - die?

Arthur Dent - Puritan - died in 1607.

When did Walter Marshall - Puritan - die?

Walter Marshall - Puritan - died in 1680.