What was the Rwandan Genocide?

The Rwandan genocide is very complicated but the short version is:
The Belgians chose the Tutsis to rule because of there European like features. Later they changed their mind because the Hutus demanded that the majority rule (the Hutus) dominate. The Belgians agreed and actually tried to help them to domination by supplying them with weapons and having their army fight for them when needed. The Hutus didn't just want to start killing so they shot down the plane carrying the Hutu president and said the Tutsis did it so they would have a reason to fight. Later the Hutus won and are now in domination.
A mass slaugter of ethnic Tutsis by the ethnic Hutus during the civil war in Rwanda in 1994. Estimates of the death toll range from 500,000 to 1,000,000. It could also be seen as one of the rest of the world's more shameful moments of the 1990s, as the UN Security Council deliberately avoided the use of the word "genocide" in discussing the situation in Rwanda, so as to not be compelled to take action.