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If your question is asking what the significance of Pearl Harbor was, then the most important result was the United States becoming involved in WWII.


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The attack on Pearl Harbor is what brough the United States into WW2

Yes, it was arguably the most significant turning poit of the war (along with the attack on Pearl Harbor).

pearl harbor impacted history because it lead to world war 2.

1941, the Japanese bommed pearl harbor trying to destroy our ships that contained our aircraft that would have screwed us in the war. Luckly there was no ships at the time at pearl harbor.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor happened on this day. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

the battle was the start of world war 2

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor to destroy the US Naval Fleet in the pacific. One of the main targets were the Aircraft Carrierswhich were not in Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.

nobody because, its not at pearl harbor its on pearl harbor because pearl harbor is a harbor!:)

Pearl Harbor was bombed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii which is a harbor on the island of O'ahu.

It is the main reason the US entered World War II.

Pearl harbor happened during World war two, just before America became a significant icon in the war. The pearl harbor attack happened on December seventh, 1941, at 7:00 in the morning (approximately)

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Generally, this is why it is referred to as Pearl Harbor.

Mostly military losses; those were replaced from the mainland.

Society had to live their daily lives on a war footing.

In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is a harbor on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu.

Pearl Harbor was (and is) a harbor, and it was (and is) the location of a U.S. Naval Station that is named U.S. Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

Thousands of people Died, brought the United States into WW2

That is the date that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

The battle of Pearl Harbor took place in Pearl Harbor.

2408 live in Pearl Harbor 2408 live in Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Pearl Harbor is on Oahu.

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

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