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Japan attacked Pearl Harbor to destroy the US Naval Fleet in the pacific. One of the main targets were the Aircraft Carrierswhich were not in Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.

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Q: Why did the attack of Pearl Harbor have less of an impact than the Japanese had planned?
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What was the immediate impact of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

America's entry into WWII.

What impact did the Japanese attack on pearl harbor have in the US?

The attack brought the US to war. it had a bad ending using nuclear wepons.

When the Japanese attack pearl harbor how did it impact change world history?

I'm So Sorry, There No Such Thing.

What impact did the Pearl Harbor attack have on people of the US?

It united them.

What is the impact of Japanese attact on Pearl Harbor?

The biggest impact of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor (and on the Philippines) was that it caused the US to go to war against the Japanese. A minor impact of the attack was the loss of the US battleships either temporarily or permanently. This was good, as the battleships were not terrifically useful in WW II, but aircraft carriers were. The loss of the battleships turned the US war effort to building more carriers of varying sizes, which ultimately, along with the US submarines and crypto services, won the war.

What impact did Hideki Tojo leave on the world?

AnswerHe was a prime minister of japan. he is the one who called for attack on pearl harbor. Following the Japanese surrender, he was hung as a war criminal.

How did the bombing impact the lives of Japanese?

Pearl Harbor was but one battle of many more to come.

What was the impact of world war two on Japanese immigrants?

Many on the immigrants was treated badly from the impact of the war. People thought that since they was Japanese that they was part of what happened in Pearl Harbor attacks.

How did the attack of pearl harbor impact the US?

they now had to enter the 2nd ww on Dec.7 1941

What impact did pearl harbor have on Japanese Americans?

The attack fed a general mistrust toward Japanese (and Asians in general) and enabled the military to enforce the internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans during the war. In 1944, this was ruled to be unconstitutional, but many loyal Americans of Japanese descent were taken from their homes and spent three years or more in guarded desert camps.

Explain the impact of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Japan is a country without many resources. They need oil, iron, steel, and others. Almost all these were imported from the US. The US basically refused to trade, if the Japanese would not have bombed Pearl Harbor, the United States would probably never been involved in World War II

What impact did Pearl harbor have on the US and Japan?

Japan was afraid that America would be able to use pear harbor as a force to take them out if the even tried to attack America.

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