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What was the Thomas Jefferson quote about the distinguished leaders who attended the Constitutional Convention?


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The 55 delegates that attended the Constitutional Convention were a distinguished body of people who representedÊa broad spectrum of American leadership. ÊCharacteristics not shared by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention is that they were not female, they were not uneducated, andÊthey were not unemployed.Ê

The number of delegates who never attended the constitutional convention?

Most American leaders attended the Constitutional convention in 1787. Some of the most well-known leaders attending were; Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

There were 55 men who attended the constitutional convention. James Madison took all the notes for the convention. Franklin was there so was Adams, Jay, Jefferson, and many others.

Benjamin Franklin was the diplomat, writer, inventor, and scientist who attended the Constitutional Convention.

All of the original 13 states attended the Constitutional Convention except Rhode Island.

I'm not sure how many participated but 55 men attended to the Constitutional Convention.

No. The original states appointed 70 individuals to the Constitutional Convention, but only 55 delegates attended the Constitutional Convention sessions.

no, the people who attended the constitutional convention were the aristocratic elite of the American population.

Do you want to know who got sick and attended the Constitutional Convention???Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock

a total of 55 delegates attended the constituional convention. rhode island didnt send a delegate

Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, others like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had duties in Europe at the time.

Of the originally appointed 70, only 55 delegates from 12 of the 13 original states attended the historical Constitutional Convention. Rhode Island did not send any delegates.

Benjamin Franklin is the famous polymath who attended the Constitutional Convention. Franklin served many roles during his life including that of a diplomat and an inventor.

Delegates like George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin attended the Constitutional Convention. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams couldn't attend, and Patrick Henry refused to attend.

Benjamin Franklin attended, and he qualifies in all of those areas.

Convention DelegatesThe Constitutional Convention began in Philadelphia on 25 May 1787. A total of 55 delegates representing 12 states attended the Convention. Rhode Island was the only state not to send a representative.

They attended the convention because they were delegates from their state and wanted to make sure that their state views were represented as well as to make sure a good government was formed.

There were 55 delegates that attended the Constitutional Convention in the United States. However, there were only 39 delegates that signed the final document either due to their conflicting beliefs or skepticism.

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