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US response to the Holocaust

Well, obviously the Holocaust was a part of World War 2 going on in Europe, so the US decided to join in against Hitler and Germany, and began taking the correct measures. This meant drafting young men over 18 to fight, and allowing women to take over the men's jobs. Women had a very important role in this, many went to work in factories to make tanks and other war machines. Children helped by collecting scrap metal to turn in to make these machines, and saved up their money to buy war bonds. Fliers and posters displayed the American Patriot as one who helps their country in times like these, popular icons being Rosie the Riviter and Uncle Sam.

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Q: What was the US doing during the Holocaust?
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What happened to the US during the holocaust?

Nothing specific, the US was fighting a war for most of the time during the Holocaust.

How many people immigrated to the US during the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, there was a war going on and immigration to the US was basically halted.

What was Europe doing during the Holocaust?

At the time of the Holocaust much of Europe was fighting World War 2.

How do books about the Holocaust help us remember the Holocaust?

They talk about the holocaust?

What happened in the US during the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, Americans had a role in liberating concentration camps and fighting with the Allies.

Was Harry Truman President during the Holocaust?

The Holocaust occurred during WWII and was perpetrated by the Nazis in Europe. VE Day was in May of 1945. Truman became US President 12 April 1945 because of the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So for the Holocaust, Roosevelt was the US President during the Holocaust.

What was the US doing before the Holocaust?

They were practicing a policy call 'isolationism'.

When did the US help during the Holocaust?

The U.S. started to help in the Holocaust when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor.

Who was us president during Holocaust?

Franklin D Roosevelt

Who was the US leader during the Holocaust?

Franklin D Roosevelt

What did the US do to stop the Holocaust during World War 2?

None of the Allies did anything specifically tarageting the Holocaust.

What did America have to do with the holocaust?

Americans ignored the holocaust during much of WWII, and it wasn't a priority of the US government. Jews were able to immigrate the US during the war but immigration was a hard process during the depression. Near the end of the war Americans acted strongly against the holocaust and made it public.

What was the punishment for people who helped Jews during the holocaust?

It really depends upon when, where and how and who was doing the punishing.

Why was Bob Hope a hero during the holocaust?

Bob Hope was not a hero of the Holocaust. He was in no way involved. During this period he worked for the USO providing entertainment and morale boosting shows for the US army, who also had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

What did the US do during the Holocaust?

well during the holocaust, we basicly fought in wwii. because we didnt know about the holocaust until the end of the war when we found the camps. so we ccouldnt really help all the people that were hurt in the holocaust. but we did help as much as we could after we found the camps.

Is Germany famous for the Holocaust?

no on the contrary it is Infamous for doing the Holocaust

How did the US help Jews after the Holocaust?

the truth is that us didn't help the Jew's. sure afterwards they let some into America but during the actual holocaust they did nothing to stop it. shame on them.

Did Jewish people go to the US during the time of the Holocaust?

yes, but not many.

What was the anti-semitism during the Holocaust?

The antisemitism during the Holocaust was just an exaggerated form of pre-Holocaust antisemitism.

What does the underground have to do with the Holocaust?

I am sure there were attempts at making an underground railroad like during slavery in the US. The Hiding Place, a book about that sort of topic was written by a Jew caught during the holocaust.

Who was the US president during the Holocaust and what he think of the Holocaust?

Franklin D Roosevelt was president. Not sure about how he felt about it.

What was the United States government doing for the Jewish people during the Holocaust?

None of the Allies did anything specifically aimed at stopping the Holocaust. Please see the related question below.

How did different religions respond to the holocaust?

Many Christians tried to help Jews escape the Nazis during the Holocaust. Often risking their own lives in the event of doing so.

Did the US do enough to help the Jews during the Holocaust?

Once the Holocaust had started it was too late. The US, Britain and other countries should have allowed far more refugees in earlier.

What is a good title for a story that takes place during the Holocaust?

How about 'During the Holocaust'.