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Germany faced many problems after WWI, the defeat of the war and the economic problems following the war. When Hilter came into power he wanted to have an aryans power that would eventually rule the world, for this he blamed the Jews and others. With all the problems in Germany many Germans were ready to support him.
After the defeat of Germany the Treaty of Versailles was set in place restricting Germany's military in an attempt to prevent a further war. Additionally much of Germany's land was lost to foreign countries. Further more Germany was made to pay for all the damages caused as a result of the war causing anger, frustration, poverty and crime a mist Germany due to the poverty. This anger caused riots and a shift towards right wing thinking as well as the Nazis. Hitler aimed to rebuild and expand Germany and as a result world war two... In other countries after the war many were left homeless with their homes and land destroyed with bills of their own to pay as well. One must never forget the countless families devastated and alone as a result of the war through ones sacrifices in war. The land was scared and new world was made out of those destroyed. Effectively with world war two being a result of all this the very world today was shaped by all this.

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Q: What was the aftermath of World War 1 in Germany including resentment?
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Explain how did the French and Britain treated Germany after world war 1?

They treated Germany rather too punitively, which created much resentment in Germany. A resentment that Hitler used to bring about WW2.

What man came to power in an environment of anger and resentment because of debt and reparations against his country from World War 1?

Adolf Hitler of Germany came into power surrounded by resentment and anger due to the terrible loss of WW1 when Germany thought it would be a quick victory.

What is true regarding the aftermath of World War 1 in Europe?

Germany, though weakened, still controlled much of the land it had before World War I

What is the aftermath of war?

what was the aftermath in econemy and censes created by world war 1

What best explains russia in the aftermath of world war 1?

Russia gave up a large amount of land after signing a treaty with Germany

When did Nazism begin in Germany?

Nazism began in 1919-20 in the aftermath of World War 1. There had been various forerunners before 1914 but they were politically insignificant

Which situation contributed to Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany after World War 1?

strong feelings of resentment and nationalism built up by economic and political crises

Analize the political economic and social effects of World War 1?

Political: The aftermath of WW1 created a resentment of the world powers in the German populous because of the harsh treatment they received Germany had to pay all reparations to the countries that were involved. (The U.S. canceled most of the debt owed to it by Germany. Our bankers also helped pull Germany out of it's enormous amount of debt.) (Don't copy and paste this for your report, you (insert inappropriate adjective and noun here).) This punishment was mainly because of the French. They blamed the war entirely on Germany. The French and the Germans have always had disputes. If there was a war in Europe anytime in the past, chances are that Germany and France were involved. The resentment created from the harsh punishment helped fuel WW2. The United States was strictly against this punishment because of the extreme amount of reconstruction it knew that Germany had to undergo. This U.S. learned this hard lesson of reconstruction from the aftermath of their own Civil War when the South had to undergo an immense amount of reconstruction without the aid of slaves, which had been a large part of their economic power. (One of the reasons the bleedin' Yanks didn't pull out of Iraq immediately!!!!)

What are the ratings and certificates for Aftermath - 2010 World Without Oil?

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Was World War II a part of World War I?

No, but the aftermath of World War I played a part in World War II happening. Hitler rose to power in the midst of hard times in Germany, partially caused by the sanctions imposed on them after WWI.

What were some effects of America's involvement in the aftermath of World War 1?

The Great Depression League of Nations formed Germany forced to pay reparations Led to WW2

Why did George Clemenceau want Germany to be weakened?

Because Germany was a threat to France since Germans captured Napoleon III at Sedan. The idea was to keep Germany weak so they could not longer be a threat to France, but this just created hate resentment in the Germany population that will catalyst the World War II.

What are the release dates for Aftermath - 2010 World Without Oil?

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Did Germany destroyed Europe in world war 1?

You do realize Europe isn't a country but group of countries including Germany.

Was the division of Germany into two in the fourteen points?

There's some confusion here. The division of Germany into two parts (East and West) took place in 1949 in the aftermath of World War 2. The Fourteen Points and the Treaty of Versailles (1919) relate to World War 1.

When werethe first modern rockets invented?

1930s/40s in Germany. In the aftermath of World War II the Russians and Americans "adopted" these scientists and engineers leading to the space race.

What was the aftermath in World War 1?

hey peoples

What conditions and situations helped fascists come to power in Germany and Italy in the 1920's?

There was a lot of anger and resentment in those communities after World War I. The poverty of those war stricken regions instilled a sense of resentment and desire in German and Italian cultures to rise against a common enemy.

Did Germany win world two?

Germany did not win World War II. The axis powers, including Germany, were soundly defeated by the Allies. However, the Allies assisted the Germans to rebuild their country following the war.

Did east or west Germany became a satellite of the Soviet Union following World War 2.?

The German Democratic Republic, otherwise known as East Germany, was a satellite of the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II. This lasted until the collapse of the Soviet bloc around 1989-1991.

What is the aftermath of an ice storm?

collingwood is the best team in the world

Which three countries have hosted more than one football world cup?

Mexico, Germany (including West Germany in 1974) and Italy.

What country lost World War 2?

Every country lost: there is no winner in a war. A couple lost more than the others; Russia and Germany were quite heavily damaged by the war and its aftermath.

When did nationalism cease in Germany?

Nationalism died in Germany as an aftermath of World War II. As part of the De-Nazification of the country in the postwar era, national symbols and identifiers of German culture became taboo as part of an overreaction to the extensive and overvalued nationalism of the Nazis.

What was the aftermath of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

It was World War 1.