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Not sure what the annual slow fall rate is but at the Donner Pass memorial the plaque said the 22 foot height of the memorial represented the depth of the snow when the Donner Party was trapped there.

2009-05-04 20:27:04
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What mountain range was doom for donner party?

I think what you are asking for is Donner Pass, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

Who was the group of pioneers who were stranded in the sierra Nevada mountains and struggled to survive the winter?

The Donner Party

What kind of party was a group of western travelers that became lost in the sierra Nevada mountains?

donner party

What is the name of a pass through mountains?

Donner Pass, Sierra Nevada, California Loveland Pass and Vail Pass, Rocky Mountains, Colorado

What is the average rainfall in Nevada?

the answer is 1.82 inches (monthly)

Did the Donner party stay at donner springs Reno Nevada?

Allegedly the Donner Party set up a camp of about 2 miles for around 5 days at the base of Rattlesnake Mountain. Donner Springs Neighborhood is at the base of this mountain. The party rested in this camp prior to continuing their journey to California through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where they met their eventual demise.

How were the Donner?

The Donner party was a group of American settlers who are known as cannibals. Their party became stranded in a harsh winter in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the group was forced to turn to cannibalism to survive.

What went wrong at the donner party?

They reached the Sierra Nevada mountains of California a day too late and were stuck in the snow for the winter.

Was John C Fremont apart of the Donner party?

No. He urged the Donner Party to take a shortcut which caused the party unnecessary hardship. If the Donner Party had not taken the shortcut, they would have made it to Sacramento before snow came to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Did the Donner Party turn around when they got trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains?

no they did that's y they went canniblism sick!look it up in Google

What mountains are like in Nevada?

Sierra Nevada Mountains

What type of mountain is is the Sierra Nevada mountains?

The sierra Nevada mountains are block mountains

What mountains lie between California and Nevada?

Sierra Nevada Mountains

What are the mountains tha separate California and Nevada?

Seirra Nevada mountains

The mountains along the border of California and Nevada?

The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Where did the donner party travel?

They were enroute to California when they were trapped for the winter in the mountains between CA and Nevada. They had left the east coast too late in the season to escape the winter snows.

These mountains lie between California and Nevada?

Sierra Nevada are the mountains that lie between California and Nevada.

Does North Carolina contain The Sierra Nevada Mountains?

The Sierra Nevada mountains are located in California and Nevada

What mountain range did the Donner Party get stuck in for the winter?

48 of 87 pioneers survived the trip. Near Truckee Lake, Northwest of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the border of North California and Nevada, the Party could go no further. Most survived by cannibalizing their family members and others who died of starvation in what is now known as The Donner Pass.

In Which Western European country are the Nevada Mountains?

The Sierra Nevada mountains are in Spain.

How does the donner party apply to westward expansion?

The Donner Party was a group of western settlers who left for the west too late in the summer and got stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the winter. They became snowbound and most of the group died. The conditions they suffered under are legendary.

Where are the sierra Nevada mountains located?

California and Nevada

Is the sierra Nevada mountains in Nevada?


How tall are the sierra Nevada mountains?

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are about 15,000 feet tall.

What Mountains run along the California and Nevada border?

the sierra Nevada mountains