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Q: What was the blending of Hinduism Buddhism and Sufism?
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What are the two main religions in Bhutan?

Buddhism and Hinduism.

Who founded Buddhism and Hinduism?

Buddhism was founded by the Buddha, and nobody knows who founded Hinduism.

What did Buddhism and Hinduism begin?


Hinduism and Buddhism agree that a person life on earth?

Hinduism and Buddhism agree that a person life on earth is

Which would you choose Hinduism or buddhism?


What are some major religions of the world?

Muslim,Hinduism,Christianity,Buddhism etc

How is Hinduism and buddhism similar?

There is no similarity between Buddhism and Hinduism though both of them are originated from India. Main difference is Hinduism believes in existence of God while Buddhism dont.

Was sacred texts share by the Hinduism and Buddhism?

None. Hinduism and Buddhism share no sacred texts.

What are the names of four religions?

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism

How is Hinduism and Buddhism's belief structure similar?

Hinduism is a bit different from buddhism. hinduism worships many gods and goddess. while in buddhism there is no worshiping to god. also buddhism forbids violence. while hinduism permits violence when dharma is in danger. hinduism was never found by man while buddhism was found by lord buddha or siddhartha.

What values do both Hinduism and Buddhism embrace?

Hinduism and Buddhism embrace Non Violence & Peace. Apart from that Hinduism and Buddhism embrace Moksha (liberation) or Nirvana (Liberation) via meditation.

Is end suffering Buddhism or Hinduism or both?

no, Buddhism believe this , while Hinduism does not support this fact. Hinduism believe that life is given for a reason.