What was the capital of the Confederate States?

Montgomery Alabama was named the original capital of the Confederacy in February of 1861. The city was limited in its size and the influx of politicians, journalists, government officials and soldiers soon overwhelmed the cities limited resources. By May of that same year many individuals began to reconsider their choice for a capital. It was then that the recently seceded Virginians offered the use of their state capital and the largest city in the confederacy, Richmond, VA. The Confederate Congress adjourned on May 21st and agreed to reconvene two months later in Richmond Virginia. In 1865 Richmond fell to the union army and was subsequently burned to the ground. Jefferson Davis and the Confederate government fled to Danville, VA where a temporary capital was established lasting only 8 days (April 3rd - 10th, 1865). It was there that Davis got word of Lees surrender at Appomattox in effect ending the Civil War.

Richmond, Virginia was the capital of the Confederate States of America.