Industrial Revolution

What was the cause and effect of the Industrial Revolution?


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Answer the Industrial Revolution

The question is a little broad to be answered singly here, but the cause of the Industrial Revolution was "progress", that is, making everyday life more convenient and the ever-increasing population more connected. The effect of the Industrial Revolution is still being felt today, but mostly taught the 'industrialized' world how NOT to be industrial (labor laws, OSHA, etc).

Decreased travel times

Global population increase


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you idiots don't know the causes and effect?

The fall of Communism was not a effect of the Industrial Revolution, it was an effect of the Cold War.

The most significant effect in the Industrial Revolution was the increase in transportation.

The increase in transportation was the most significant effect of the Industrial Revolution.

No. The French Revolution was not an effect of the industrial revolution. The French revolution occurred due to the anger of the masses against the despotic rule of the monarchs in France.

the westward expansion was the cause to the industrial revolution.

A negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was crowded cities. Another negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was the unsafe working conditions and the exploitation of children to work in industries.

The biggest effect of the Industrial Revolution is that it made America a much more urban country.

It wasn't the industrial revolution that had an effect on prisons, but the philosophy of people who controlled and built them.

It (Industrial Revolution) encouraged imperialism by: It (Industrial Revolution) created a need for raw materials and markets.

The Industrial Revolution dramatically changed every aspect of human life and lifestyles.

The industrial revolution changed the world overnight.An unfortunate side effect of the industrial revolution was the rise of capitalism.

effect of the industrial revolution on other countries

By the start of the industrial revolution slavery has been abolished so there was no effect.

While it happened during that time period it was not related to it in either cause or effect.

The Industrial Revolution increased employment opportunities for women.

The Effect Of The Industrial Revolution On Britain's Coal Supply Was Trade expansion was enabled by the introduction of canals, improved roads and railways.

The Industrial Revolution was long over before the first airplane flew so it had no effect.

The Industrial Revolution brought about changes in material production, wealth, population distribution and labor patterns.

The industrial revolution had a huge effect on architecture, It managed to prove that Sir Max Carroll is a sex machine.

The biggest effect of Industrial Revolution is that it made America a much more urban country.

Cheaper higher quality metals became available during the Industrial Revolution.

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