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Q: What was the conversation overheard by Elizabeth Lines and her mother?
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Why my mom doesn't like making a conversation with me?

Sometimes it is hard to have a conversation with your mother because of the differences of opinion that tend to happen between a parent and child. It is important to keep the lines of communication open.

What are any witty lines to say in a group conversation?

Yes, but they need to be appropriate to the conversation and to the people present.

How do you spell dialoge?

The correct spelling is "dialogue" (conversation, drama lines).

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Pylons must have ceramic or glass insulators to support overheard lines; this prevents the pylons from becoming "live."

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What Jane Austen film is this from 'If you don't marry him your mother will never see you again but if you do marry him then I will never see you again'?

Pride and Prejudice That was when one of Elizabeth Bennett's suitors, Mr. Collins asks Elizabeth to marry him. Elizabeth refuses, and Elizabeth's mother Mrs. Bennett appeals to Mr. Bennett to talk to Elizabeth and convince her to accept Mr. Collins' proposal. She tells Mr. Bennett to tell Elizabeth that she would never see her again if she didn't marry Mr. Collins. However, Mr. Bennett sides with Elizabeth - clearly evident from this dialogue. The exact dialogue is - " An unhappy alternative is now before you, Elizabeth. You must now become a stranger to one of your parents. Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins, and I will never see you again if you do." There are a number of film versions of Pride and Prejudice, and this particular line is probably in all of them because it is one of the best known lines from the novel itself.

What humor did you find in act 1 in Julius Caesar?

The conversation between the cobbler and Marullus (lines 9-19).

What is significant about the first lines romeo and Juliet speak to each other?

Their conversation forms a sonnet.

What is more organized prose or conversation?

Prose is organized in poems. AN example of prose in a poem is the stanzas, and the lines in the poem.

Who is the owner of carnival cruise lines?

Carnival Cruise Lines is the mother company of several cruise lines such as Carnival, Holland America, P&O, Princess and several other smaller lines. With all the companies combined, the mother company has the largest cruise line fleet in the world.

How do you approach a new woman that you'd like to meet and exactly what to say to start a conversation without pick up lines?

You talk to her without using pick up lines dumb arse.

Read two lines from the middle of Elizabeth Bishop's poem The Fish below Which best describes the tone in these lines?


When was ship Elizabeth II built?

She, the ship, rolled off the dockyard lines in l969.

What is motherboard bus line?

the lines on a mother board

How effective is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream in reducing wrinkle lines?

The purpose of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream is to relieve dry and irritated skin through moisturizing, soothing, and protecting it from skin irritants. It is not specifically made to reduce wrinkle lines, as it never claims to. Several other Elizabeth Arden products, such as the Prevage creams, are made to help reduce wrinkles.

Why does Shakespeare give Juliet lines filled with double meanings?

Juliet often found herself engaged in conversations in which she could not afford to tell the truth. On the other hand, it is wrong to tell a boldfaced lie, so she equivocated: she said things which would be understood one way by the people she was talking to and another by herself and by the audience. This is true in her conversation with her mother and later with her father and later still the conversation with Paris. It's not true of her conversations with Romeo, though--there are no secrets between them.

Why is there two white lines when you turn on a super Nintendo?

Because when you sign in there's two lines. Your mother put them there after John touched you.

What is a good Mother's Day sonnet?

A sonnet is a type of poetry. It consists of the format ABBA. This means that the last word in the lines A and A will rhyme and the last word in lines B and B will rhyme. A sonnet is composed into an "Octive." An octive in this form of poetry is 8 lines. These 8 lines are split in half. A sonnet can go on continuously but must be split by 4's. The first two lines compose a question. Like for example: "Mother, how did you ever get to love me so much?" Then, you would answer that question with supporting details throughout your poem. A Mother's Day Sonnet is particularly a sonnet in which you talk about your mother in this form of poetry (Obviously)... May the force be with you.

Queen Mary was q1 elizabeth was q2 the q3 was never built elizabeth was q4 what happened to the never built q3 was it ever designed?

Yes it was designed and Cunard lines, the famous owner of the first Queen Elizabeth, expects to have it operational in 2010. See the link.

What are those lines on naruto's face?

There whiskers, these are the marks that indicates that he is the Kyuubi's host. ok so that is almost correct but naruto was born with the lines on his face cause his mother was the former host of the nine tails fox

What are the famous lines in the poem Mother to Son?

"Life for me ain't been no crystal stair."

What are the famous lines in the poem ''mother to son''?

"Life for me ain't been no crystal stair."

How is Queen Elizabeth related to William the Conqueror?

Queen Elizabeth I does not have a direct line of decent from William the Conquerer. However Queen Elizabeth II isdecended from William the Conquerer through Edward IV; when the royal lines reconverged. William the Conquerer is her 22nd times Great Grandfather.

What is a good way to start a good sexual conversation?

You might try talking about some other couple. Maybe somebody you know or a celebrity couple. Ask your partner if you think this other couple has sex or something along those lines. Let the conversation get going and gradually make it a little more graphic. Then, when a good opportunity arises, make it personal by saying something like, "I'd like to try that with you sometime" or something along those lines.

What kind of rhyme is it when Benvolio acts in act 1 scene 1?

Quite a lot of Romeo and Benvolio's conversation in I, 1 is in rhyming couplets. Romeo has more rhyming lines than Benvolio does.