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What was the cost of navy supplies in 1918?

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What are the release dates for Your Fighting Navy at Work and at Play - 1918?

Your Fighting Navy at Work and at Play - 1918 was released on: USA: November 1918

Average cost of household supplies?

average cost household supplies

What was the cost of living in 1918?

It Cost $4,821.00 to buy a house in the year 1918

What are the release dates for The High Cost of Weddings - 1918?

The High Cost of Weddings - 1918 was released on: USA: 13 August 1918

What is the cost of books and supplies at Princeton university?

he total cost for the supplies at princeton is approximately $1,200 dollars

What is the journal entry for cost of supplies used?

debit supplies expensecredit supplies inventory

What was role of navy women in world war 2?

To help the Navy men with ships and supplies and duties to win the war

How much does it cost in total for chinchilla and supplies?

the chinchilla would cost around $20-$40 and the supplies would cost another $40 or more.

Is supplies for administrative office classified as period cost of product cost?

Supplies for an administrative office would be classified office supplies, which is always treated as a cost of a period. Supplies for a manufacturing company would be classified as a product cost, i.e. wood (supply) in order to make desks (end product).

How much does the supplies for a guinea pig cost?

Overall guinea pig supplies cost about £60-£80 ($100 - $130) if you are starting from scratch, but a top up on supplies will cost about £5-£7 ($10 or so).

Is factory supplies a product or a period cost?

Product cost

The entry to adjust for the cost of supplies used during the accounting period is?

debit Supplies Expense; credit Supplies

What is the cost comparison between regular wholesale janitorial supplies and environmentally friendly supplies?

Environmentally friendly supplies will cost a bit more than wholesale, regular janitorial supplies. This is because of the increase in cost to make it greener as well as the perceived "value" of using a green product.

When was John Martin - Royal Navy officer - born?

John Martin - Royal Navy officer - was born on 1918-05-10.

When was John Adams - Royal Navy officer - born?

John Adams - Royal Navy officer - was born on 1918-12-19.

What did a pint of milk cost in 1918?

1918 saw the average raise rise to $875 per year. The average house cost $6,715 and the average car cost $360. Although it is difficult to find the price of a pint of milk, a gallon of milk cost around 55 cents in 1918.

What are the cost of books and supplies for Harvard Medical School?

books= $3,000+ and supplies= $300.

What are the costs of hamster supplies?

Most hamster supplies will cost about sixty to seventy dollars.

Is factory supplies a direct cost?

Factory supplies are those items which used in production but not directly related to production of products that's why not part of direct cost rather indirect cost.

What was a major advantage for the north during the civil war?

industry and the navy. the navy helped to keep the south from getting the supplies they needed by setting up a blockade and the norths advanced industry helped to get guns and ammo as well as supplies to the northern troops

Will Anthem Health Keepers cover the cost of diabetic supplies?

does anthem cover diabetic supplies.

How much do orange tabby cat supplies cost?

The same as any other cat supplies.

How much does it cost to buy a hamster and supplies?

it would cost about 20 dollars

What went up in 1918 and1944?

The cost of living

How did France aid in the Revolutionary War?

They lent us money troops, supplies and the use of their navy.

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