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Before Kuwait was called Kuwait it was called kout

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country of Kuwait is Kuwait. I know this is confusing but kuwait is is the capital of Kuwait. So there is another Kuwait in that Kuwait. Kuwait is the name of a country AND a capital city.

yes Kuwait is a country

Kuwait City is the capital city of the country of Kuwait.

Kuwait is in Asia and it is it's own country.

Yemen is a country and Kuwait another country

Kuwait is very modern and develop country.

Kuwait city is the capital of the country Kuwait

The country situated south of Kuwait is Saudi Arabia.

It's what's called a Newly Industrialized Country. It means there is industry there, and more developing soon.

can a person depoted from kuwait country enter the same country again?

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city of Kuwait.

worlds richest and beautiful country is kuwait because kuwait has money because of the oil and money can do anything so kuwait is the most beautiful and richest country in the world

what country does kuwait export oil to

Rich, Kuwait is a developed country

Kuwait is between Iraq and Saudi Arabia

Petroleum is the main export of the country Kuwait.

Yes. Kuwait borders the Gulf of Oman.

yes, Kuwait is near to the equator that is why Kuwait is the hottest country in the middle east.

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city of Kuwait.

Iran is sitauted north-east of Kuwait.

because Kuwait is a independence country!

NO, Kuwait is also a Middle East COUNTRY like UAE.

a group of people called "Al Outob" were in KSA the moved to Qatar for learning fishing,making boats etc... then they came to kuwait... its a long story!

Kuwait does not act poor. when in need they ask help for the neighboring countries. they have money to support their country. Kuwait is a beautiful country.

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