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The modern dog, as we know it, was descended from its canine cousin, the wolf. Yep, dogs came from wolfs :) It's believed that all present breeds of dog have descended from the Mastiff, or a mastiff type dog, which in turn was decended from the wolf.

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What is a dog decended from?

A dog is decended from wolfs

What are all the different types of dog breeds?

a lot.

How do you unlock all the dog breeds on petz my puppy family?

codes will unlock the dog breeds

What are all the dogs that are mixed-breeds?

There are many breeds of dogs. If you go to the Dog Breeds link below they have all the breeds listed A-Z with pictures and information on that particular breed of dog. They have pure bred and mixed breeds and hybrids.

What is the best breed of a dog of all times?

All dogs are different. All breeds are great it just depends on the dog you get or have.So all breeds are great! :)

How many dog breeds are on nintendogs as soon as you earned all of the breeds it offers?

15 in all

What dog breeds have whiskers?

AnswerTo my knowledge, all dog breeds have whiskers. Some of them are trimmed off for the show ring.

Can you provide a list of all dog breeds?

Here is a list of almost all dog breeds known to man, (see related link).

Are there more dog breeds or cat breeds?

There are more dog breeds.

What are dog breeds with long whiskers?

To my knowledge, all dog breeds have whiskers. Some of them are trimmed off for the show ring.

How much do dog breeds shed?

shedding actually depends on the breed of dog. for instance, some breeds do not shed at all.

A list of swimming dog breeds?

All dogs can swim but i have heard newfoundlands are one of the best swimming dog breeds.

Are all dogs friendly to other breeds?

most, yes,but there are somethat arn't it depends on how the dog was rasied

What are dog parks?

A dog park is a park for dogs to go and play. It is designed for dogs of all breeds to come and meet other dogs.

What is the first dog?

Modern dogs are decended from wolves. So the first domesticated dog was a wolf.

What are some large red dog breeds?

some large red dog breeds are; -Irish red setter -Many other breeds can be a red colour depending on their bloodline.

What are the names of all the dog breeds ever?

See the link below for a list of breeds

Is there a cheat for unlocking all the dog breeds on Nintendogs?

yes there is a cheat to unlock the breeds.

How common is the name max?

The name max is very common in dog breeds and other breeds

What are all the different dog breeds?

there are loads of dog breeds but these are these are that i,m familier about:The whippetThe greyhoundThe Italian greyhoundThey all the same but there actually reaaly different!!

How many dog breeds?


How many dog breeds can you get on nintendogs and cats?

you can get 27 breeds of dog in all 3DS games. my personal favorite is the toy poodle.

What dog has the longest coat?

Komondors have the longest coat of all dog breeds

What was the first type of dog?

All dog breeds are derived from the Gray Wolf

Which dog is fast running of world?

Greyhounds are the fastest of all dog breeds.

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