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What was the education like in the 1600's in England?


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I don't know much about this but it was only richer families that could afford to send their children to school. Most people in that era could not read, so shops would have pictures outside instead of words (eg. pic of an anvil for a blacksmith).

Teachers were very harsh and used the cane on a lot of children, they had a 0 tolerance policy, so children could not talk in class, draw on their hands or answer back etc.

The headmaster would usually come into the classes to inspect the children and would ask questions and check their appearance. If a child's appearance was too bad or if they couldn't answer a simple question, they were beaten with the cane.

Their education was a lot slower than ours because older children learnt very simple equations and the alphabet (they would have been about 10+)

Hope this helps.

Also though their was a lot of girls in the 1600's that would go to school until they were ten. Boys were the ones who went on and learned more education! UNFAIR RIGHT? Hope this also helps!!!!!!!@#$%^&*