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What was the entertainment like during the time of 1920-1925?


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Pole Sitting.


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The main entertainment during the time period of the renaissance was mostly theatre

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Jousts were held as a form of entertainment during the Medieval times. Jousting was also performed as a proclamation during this time period.

People sung, danced and told story's to one another.

subtract anything electronic or having to do with considerable travel.

The entertainment during half time was the marching bands from the Universities of Arizona and Michigan.

Entertain were done through feast. And various names were given to the feast.

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They sung, dance and bear fighting (they placed bets on who would win)

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We are off to London tomorrow to do some shopping then enjoy a nights entertainment in the West End. If you want to be amused you need to come over and watch by little brother learning to ride a bike, its fascinating entertainment. During my time in the prisoner of war camp I was in charge of the entertainment committee trying to stop the troops from getting board.

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During the Great Depression, people found low-cost entertainment. They took part in dances, homemade games, and events surrounding potluck food dinners.

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