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What was the first African-American university in the US?

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Was Frankie Lymon AfricanAmerican?


Which university got the first Ph.D?

yale UniversitY [ US ] got the first PhD

What university became the first land grant university in the US?

Kansas State University

If a black person in the US is called an AfricanAmerican what would a black in France be called?

A black person in France would be called an African Frenchman.

What was the first US corporation?

Harvard University

What was The first state university in the US?

It depends on how you define first, but the first to begin accepting students as a public University was the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What was the first university established in the US?

I think it was Havard in Massachutes. Then the next university was Yale.

Was the first school made in the US?

Florida university

What role did AfricanAmerican played in World War 2?

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What was the name of the first college built?

For the US Harvard University was the first one

What is the first black law school in the US?

Howard University

What was the first public university to open in the US?

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Which US president played first base for Yale University?


What is the name of the first Black Catholic College in the US?

Cheney University

Where was The first department of sociology in the US established?

At the University of Chicago, 1892.

What year did football come to the US?

This question is misleading. Football was invented in the US. It was first played November 6, 1869 between Rutgers University and Princeton University.

Who was the first US president that graduated from Harvard University?

John Adams has that distinction.

Which is the best university in US?

The best university in the US is Cambridge University located in London. Harvard is now #2 best university in the US.

What is the newest university in the US?

Florida Polytechnic University will open its doors to its first class in Fall 2014. It is located in Lakeland, FL.

Who founded the first university in the US?

The absolute first is unknown, however it is generally thought to be one of the following: University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, William and Mary, or Iowa State University. The Student Counseling Service at Iowa State University was established during the Fall of 1939.

What was the first collage established in the US?

First university in the United States is a status asserted by more than one U.S. university. In the U.S. there is no official definition of what entitles an institution to be considered a university versus a college, and the common understanding of "university" has evolved over time.

What was the first historically black and catholic university for blacks in the US?

Xavier University in New Orleans,L.a Very popular & high class

What was the first state chartered university in the US?

On January 27, 1785, the Geogia General Assembly chartered the University of Georgia which became the nations first public institution of higher learning.

What did african-americans do in the north during the civil war?

The AfricanAmerican migrated in the northern during the great war

What is the origin of the word 'word' when used as a slang?

AfricanAmerican gang slang for "I agree." Or "That's right"