What was the first breed of puppies on earth?

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The true origins of the domesticated dog are somewhat open for debate. It is believed that they decended from the grey wolf as far back as 33,000 years ago.
The first breed of puppies were Paleolithic.It existed over 31,700 years ago.
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How do you paper train toy breed puppies?

Answer . You have to be consistent. Continue to place them on the paper and when they relieve themselves, praise them. Also, leave the top paper for a short time because it has the "scent" on it from previous "duties" and that will encourage them to go back to that spot. Eventually, they should g ( Full Answer )

When can a small breed dog have puppies?

your small dog should not have puppies if she is under the age of 2 or 3 only because there is a higher chance of her getting cancer!!!! And that woul'dn't be good! and also the pain and stress could be another thing for your small dog! And that could effect her to die!!! from the inticapation, stre ( Full Answer )

What type of puppy breed stays small?

Any toy or miniture breed,such as poodle, schnauzer,chihuahua,mini pincher,dashound,shitzu,pomerainian,spitz,lasoapso, that is just a few. I am sure there are more. dog.com is a retail site for anything concerning pets but they have a great rescue and breed area.

What is least expensive breed of puppies?

Clearly the one you get for free ..... your local animal welfare can assist you and often will look only for a donation.. In terms of purchasing a pure-bred puppy from a breeder, the breeder would dictate the price - and this would depend on supply/demand, how much he has spent in terms of showing ( Full Answer )

What breed is aly and aj's puppies?

The sisters that are musicians and have their song on the disney channel have a shitzu puppy. Aly's puppy is named Roadie and AJ's puppy is named Willow.

Why are puppies from puppy mills breed so often?

The horrible human beings that own puppy mills have one goal in mind- making money. They breed way too many puppies in cramped cages with little food or water just to sell as many as they can. If you know of a puppy mill, report them immediately- its illegal!

How much can you sell a mixed-breed puppy for?

Nothing. Mixed breed dogs aren't worth anything on the open market. That doesn't mean they can't make lovely pets, but there are so very many mixed breed dogs available for free that there just is no market for them. The only reason shelters and rescues charge for them is to cover the costs of their ( Full Answer )

What breed of dog has the most puppies?

the bigger the dog the more puppies it can have. smaller dogs like jack russles have around four pups whereas bigger dogs ie. boxers can produce around eight.

What to do when you first get a puppy?

First - Vet visit. Shots and deworming. Crate so they have a safe place (a den) to sleep or to be safe when you cannot watch them 100%. This also aids greatly in house training. Toys - Nylabones and chew toys like kongs. Puppies love to chew, so give them something other than your shoes to chew o ( Full Answer )

To have puppies do the dogs have to be the same breed?

No it can be a lab and a chaihuahua and they can have pupies and it doesnt matter size shape color or age although if you mated say, a dalmation with a yorshire terrier, its most likely to kill the mother dog as the puppies inside her will make her burst. literally

Can a pitbull have full breed puppies after having a mix breeded liter of puppies?

Look at it this way; If a Mexican woman (I am one), marries a Mexican man, they have Mexican children. If she then divorces the man and gets married again, but to a White guy. They have mixed racial children. The same woman then divorces the White guy and remarries. This time she married a Mexican m ( Full Answer )

What is the cheapest breed of puppy?

As far as I know, Cocker Spaniels aren't very expensive. But before you go spend all that, money, see if you can find one at the Humane Society. They are 80 dollars there and you would give a home to a homeless animal!

Are there any fun puppy breeding games?

no there isn't any FUN puppy breeding games I've been looking for yonks but there is this one but it is so boring showdog yes there is furry paws it is a game where you can breed buy sell loke after etc many breeds of dogs

Will puppies be born normal if female breeds with her own puppy?

In breeding can cause an awful lot of health problems in dogs, such as tumors, heart problems, and I heard of a couple of awful cases where a dog's skull was too small for it's brain. So, in short, you would be quite lucky if they were born normal.

How young can a male puppy breed?

Male pups tend to sexually mature slightly later than females so about 7-10 months would be their developing time to adulthood. At about 1 year old your dog will be able to mate and breed but it is preferred that studs are older and fully matured before breeding should occur.

How can you tell what breeds are in your mixed puppy?

It's next to impossible to know for sure, depending on how many breeds are in the mix. You just have to figure out the best you can based on size, markings, and other breed characteristics like overall body shape, the type of coat, shape of the tail, etc. I've asked this question of vets several tim ( Full Answer )

Im going to get my first puppy what breed do you recommend?

I would honestly recommend one of the more loyal breeds. Golden retrievers and labs are loyal hardy breeds that are determined to please their owners. I'd try to stay away from terrier breeds for they tend to be solitary and if you don't establish dominance over everything else you will end up with ( Full Answer )

What breed is puppy paws in santa buddies?

15 minutes into the movie, my 3 y/o yelled, Momma, isn't like Sammy. Santa paws, like Sammy. Sam is our Great Pyrenees mix. He's an awesome dog. Amazing with kids. A lot of people who aren't familiar with the breed think he's a bit dense, but ti's quite the opposite. Although he was a stubborn littl ( Full Answer )

What type of breeds are in puppy mills?

Every type of dog that will sell can come from a puppy mill. Ensure you see the dog with its mother and preferably see Dad too. Never, ever buy from a pet shop or agent. Dont buy from someone telling you they are selling the pups for a 'family member'. A puppy mill seller will have all the right ( Full Answer )

Can you do DNA testing on a puppy to discover the breed?

You could do this, but if you are to do a DNA test, then you cannot do it if the puppy is only a few weeks old, perhaps you could do it if it was an age of adolescent, about 2 years, because the injection could shock the puppy, whereas if the dog is older, then it can handle it. :)

Which breed is better a kittin or a puppy?

If your debating whether to get a dog or a cat, you need to know that cats go out during the day and are never around, but dogs never leave you. So pick the one that is more suitable for you. The best breed for a dog is probably either a labrador a westie or a springer spaniel. Very loyal dogs. ( Full Answer )

Is it better to breed a puppy with it's father?

Inbreeding is the breeding of close relatives not separated by more than one generation, such as brother to sister, father to daughter. This method is used to concentrate good qualities in the line but may also concentrate bad qualities. Only the most experienced breeders should be willing to attemp ( Full Answer )

What age can a puppy breed?

Never breed a puppy,if it is a girl wait until the 2nd or even the 3rd heat if it`s a boy wait until he`s a least 1 year old.

How con you breed a puppy nintendog?

Sorry. There is no possible way you can breed puppies. People just make up lies. I wish I could and I cant. Two puppies cant have a puppy.

What is the breed of my puppy?

No one can tell you the breed of your dog without seeing a picture. Even so, it is hard to tell when your dog is still a puppy. Wait until your Dog is fully grown then take a picture and ask around. (I could give you a good idea of what breed it is if I could see a picture).

What breeds do puppy farmers breed?

"Puppy farmers" or those who run puppy mills breed any breed of dog that is known as a fad or is the most popular among families. These includes Laboradors, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, etc.

How can you tell the breed of a puppy?

There are websites online, such as the related link below, in which you can look at pictures of what different breeds of dogs look like, and if the dog is not a mixed breed (two or more breeds in one dog), you can use the site to identify your dog's breed. With mixed breed dogs it is a bit more diff ( Full Answer )

Why do owners of puppy mills breed dogs?

Owners of puppy mills breed dogs to sell, in Singapore, they can sell for at least 800SGD per puppy. A female dog usually gives birth to at least 2 in a single birth. It is a lucrative business.

What are the most common breeds of teacup puppies?

Teacup puppy breeds reflect some of the breeds observed in the larger dogs. For example, many popular dog breeds have teacup sub-breeds. For example, there are Teacup Poodles, Teacup Shih-Tzus, Teacup Terriers and even Teacup Chihuahuas.

What kind of breed are peekapp puppies?

Peekapoo puppies are cross of Pekingese and a Poodle. It is not a formal breed even though the have thrived for 50 years. Basically was developed as a companion for people with allergies.