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At the beginning of WW1, planes were first starting to be used by the military of all sides. Popular imagination saw the aeroplane being used as a bomber (HG Wells 'The Shape of Things to Come' was written before the Wright brothers first flight but predicted cities flattened by aerial bombardment). The poor performance of early aircraft meant that bomb loads were small and at the outbreak of WWI the only practical use was an observation platform especially for artillery spotting. It was noted that artillery fire became much more accurate and effective when aeroplanes were used to spot. It became important therefore to send up other aircraft to remove them. Thus the first 'fighters' were born. At first, these aircraft were similar observation aircraft but pilots would use pistols, rifles grenades and machine guns with varying effects even grappling hooks were tried. The French Morane-Saulnier monoplane, armed with forward firing machine guns through the propeller (protected by Armour plates) was introduced in April 1915. This innovation made the scouting aircraft a more effective fighter.

However, probably the first true fighter (i.e. designed only to shoot down other aircraft) was the German Fokker E1monoplane with synchronized forward firing machine guns (the guns did not fire when the propeller was in front of the muzzle). This was introduced later that summer. The British adapted the De Havilland DH2 and the Royal Aircraft Factory FE2 with some success later still. The British designs used a "pusher engine" which meant the engine and propeller was at the back of the aircraft. This allowed the pilot or a 2nd gunner to fire a machine gun forward without being obstructed by the propel.They made the fighter plane to fight the Germans on World War 1.

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The first aircraft actually designed to shoot other aircraft down was Germany's Fokker Eindekker, around 1915. The British and French were also working on such projects that soon came to fruition.

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Q: What was the first fighter plane used?
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When was the firt fighter plane used?

The first real fighter plane was the Fokker E1, designed by Antoine Fokker in 1914.

What was the first fighter Plane used in America?

i dont knw

Who used the first fighter plane?

The first true fighter plane was the Fokker D. II designed by Dutch aircraft designer Antonne Fokker. He designed it well working for Germany.

What was the first ever fighter plane?

The first operational fighter plane was the Vickers F.B 5 "Gun Bus".

Who invented the fighter plane?

The first real fighter plane was the Fokker E1, designed by Antoine Fokker in 1914.

WHAT fighter plane was used in Vietnam war?

Many fighter planes were used during Vietnam War. One of the best was the F-4 Phantom. It was an amazing fighter and also a bomber plane.

Who made the 1st fighter plane?

The first real fighter plane was the Fokker E1, designed by Antoine Fokker in 1914.

Why you see the fighter plane first but hear the plane later?

Because it is travelling faster than the speed of sound, the sound comes later. However, if a fighter plane was slower than the speed of sound, you'd see the plane first.

When was the first fighter plane built?


What is the world's first fighter aircraft?

the worlds first fighter plane to enter production was the Vickers F.B.5.

Who was the first person to fly a fighter plane?

That is impossible to say,as there is little definition as to exactly WHICH aircraft was the first fighter .

What is the possessive noun of the wingspan of the fighter plane?

The possessive form of 'the wingspan of the fighter plane' is the fighter plane's wingspan.

Where was the first F 18 fighter plane invented?

the airport

What year did the first fighter plane go in flight?

In 1914 .

Who invented fighter planes?

The first real fighter plane was the Fokker E1, designed by Antoine Fokker in 1914.

Where was the fighter plane invented?

The first real fighter plane was the Fokker E1, designed by Dutch aircraft designer Antoine Fokker in 1914. At the time, Fokker was working for the Germans.

Who flew the first fighter plane?

The Italians flew the first airplanes in combat in 1911.

When was the spitfier used?

The Spitfire was used during world war 2 as a fighter plane

When were the first fighter planes made?

The first fighter plane was designed in 1914. It was the Fokker D. II, named for its designer, Antonne Fokker. He was Dutch, but worked for the Germans.

How fast does a fighter plane fly?

A fighter plane can fly 1000 to 2000 mph.

Who invented the first fighter plane?

Antoine Fokker, invented the Fokker E1

What is the function of a fighter plane?

The main function of the fighter plane was for air-to-air combat against other aircraft. The hallmarks of the fighter plane are its speed, maneuverability, and small size relative to other combat aircraft. The main objective of the fighter plane is to establish air superiority.

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A British fighter plane used during World War 2

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Form of a fighter plane is purely dictacted by function.

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The MIG-25 first flew in 1964.