What was the first flavor of pudding?


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Butterscotch pudding is actually the first pudding ever made... not Vanilla or Chocolate!


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Could be possible.There might be a type of flavor that has pudding in it.

Go to www.20b.co.uk to found out

A town in South Dakota that is a flavor of pudding would be Lemmon.

It tastes really creamy and it also depends on the flavor you are eating.

coconut If you want to boost the coconut flavor, you can also add a few drops of coconut flavoring.

The Jelly Flavor. there is no jelly flavour its grape jelly and a lot of people hate chocolate pudding to

I would not. Yorkshire Pudding is simple to make, but corn flour would REALLY change the texture and flavor. Stick with wheat flour.

Melkos pudding is a popular desert among South Africans. It is a combination of vanilla and chocolate pudding along with chunks of fruit for flavor.

caca flavor becouse vikings used goat poo to make pudding

malva pudding was created in 1200

You put a "small" box (the weight depends on what flavor the pudding is--anywhere from 3.3 to 5 ounces) into 3 cups of milk.

Contrary to popular belief chocolate was not the first first flavor of the blizzard. Legend has it that the first flavor was oreo.

What was the first flavor starburst made?

The first flavor was brown sugar cinnamon.

The first flavor was vanilla.

I think the first flavor of yoplait yogurt was strawberry because strawberry is a popular flavor!:-)Strawberry is a fun, exciting flavor

cherry was the first flavor of tootsie pops.

If you cook it at home, butterscotch or any other flavor of pudding can be gluten-free, since the most common thickener in home pudding recipes is cornstarch. Check the labels of commercial products to verify the presence or absence of gluten.

Jello is a desert-type food made of gelatin, fruit flavor, and coloring. Pudding is a desert related to egg custard that is made of sugar and milk and is thickened with gelatin or corn starch. Jello tastes a lot better than pudding.

The first flavor of ice cream was Vanilla.

Pep-O-Mint was the first Life Savers flavor

The first flavor of the cupcake was vanilla, and then came the chocolate flavored cupcakes

Yorkshire pudding is meant to be made using the rendered fat from the beef roast it's served with. While olive oil will probably work, the flavor will be noticably differnt.

Pudding first comes into the anime on episode 7, and in the manga at the end of the first volume.

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