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What was the first horror movie ever made?


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July 09, 2014 7:31PM

It is beleived that "Le Manoir de Diable" (House of the Devil) was the first horror movie.

It was filmed by Georges Melies in France in 1896.

There is a slight conflict as to which movie was the first horror film. First, "The Execution of Mary Stuart" was produced by American inventor Thomas Edison in 1895. It was only 18 seconds in length, and it depicted a woman being beheaded. In 1896, Georges Melies made "Le Manoir du diable" (The House of the Devil) which was 1-2 minutes in length and depicted Mephistopheles summoning ghosts and demons.

Longer films didn't really appear until the 1900's. The first American horror film of the 20th century is Edison Studios' version of Frankenstein, made in 1910. Though many classify Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame, as a monster and thus as a horror character, I feel his story is more of a tragic romance. If you think Quasimodo is a monster, then the first full-length horror film is Alice Guy's "Esmeralda" (1906), otherwise the first full-length horror film is from Germany, Paul Wegener's "The Golem" (1910).

Answers from other Answers contributors:

  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919) was a famous silent German horror film. It is the best-known and the most influential expressionist film.
  • Nosferatu (1922) is the first best-know film to use dramatic lighting and shadows to make the scenes appear darker and set the mood for the horror scenes.
  • Is believed to be the very first "true horror" movie to be made, the monster being played by Charles Stanton Ogle.