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What was the first language of Puerto Rico?

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Tanio by the Native Americans and then Spanish.

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What is Puerto Rico national language?

puerto rico language is spanish

Does Puerto Rico speak Spanish?

Yes.Spanish is the primary language of Puerto Rico and English is the secondary language.

How do you say Puerto Rico in Spanish?

Puerto Rico is already Spanish. It is a Spanish word As a name, Puerto Rico does not change just because of language. It is the name of a place

Language of Puerto Rico?

Spanish and Enlgish!

What is the primary language in puerto rico?


Is there another langueage in Puerto Rico?

The language of Puerto Rico is mainly Spanish, although people can understand English.

What languages spoke in Puerto Rico?

In Puerto rico Spanish is the main language but the majority of the population speaks English

Does English count as a foreign language when applying for college when your native language is Spanish.I'm from Puerto Rico?

no because Puerto Rico is "part" of the US... which means that English is your secondary language.

What was Puerto Rico called before it was called Puerto Rico?

First Boriken, then San Juan Bautista and last Puerto Rico

How many spanish speaking people live in Puerto Rico?

All of them? It's the first language.

What is Puerto Rico's language?

The officials languages of Puerto Rico are Spanish and English.

Who was first president or leader of Puerto Rico?

The first US President of Puerto Rico was William McKinley.

How do you say good afternoon in Puerto Rico?

Good afternoon in Puerto Rico (ie in the Spanish language) is: Buenas tardes.

Does Puerto Rico get hurricanes?

Yes, Puerto Rico gets hurricanes. Most of the ones that hit Florida hit Puerto Rico first.

What are the two principal languages of Puerto Rico?

Spanish and English. Spanish is very much the dominant language, and many inhabitants do not speak English well.Puerto Rico has one principle language, Spanish.The English language is also used.Puerto Rico has one principle language, Spanish.The English language is also used.

Why do people from Puerto Rico speck spanish?

Puerto Rico was first part of Spain ...

What language is primarily spoken in Puerto Rico?


What is the first name they callled Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico was first called Boriken by the indigenous people Tainos

What is Puerto Rico's government's name?

The Government of Puerto Rico have two official names. The first one: Government of Puerto Rico; and the second one: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In Spanish: 'Gobierno de Puerto Rico' or 'Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico'.

How do you say I love you in Puerto Rico?

Te amo. P.S. Puerto Rico is an island not a language ;), in Puerto Rico people speak spanish and english so you could say it in english and there will be no problem!

What is the main language in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a Spanish-speaking country but it also holds English as one of its recognized languages.

How do you say grandma in Puerto Rico?

Grandma is grandma no matter where you are, but in spanish (language that people speak in Puerto Rico) it's "abuela".

Who were the europeans who occupied Puerto Rico or the Caribbean?

The Spanish occupied puerto rico for the first time

When was the first school built in Puerto Rico?

January 14, 1508 the first school in Puerto Rico was established in Caparra.

Is Puerto Rico apart of USA?

Puerto Rico is a part of the United States of America because it is a Commonwelath of the United States of America. But, Puerto Rico as a Commonwealth has its own government, Meaning that Puerto Rico selfs governs itself. Puerto Rico also speaks Spanish, not English, and Puerto Rico is a part of Latin America. So, even though Puerto Rico is a part of USA it has its own laws, culture, language, government, etc. That is why Puerto Rico is considered a country to most of the world.