What was the first restaurant franchise in America?

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What was the first Chinese restaurant in America?

Some people might think the first Chinese restaurant was in NewYork, but an Internet search found several sources that say thefirst ones were opened in California during the G

Does Checkers restaurant franchise?

Yes Checkers does in fact franchise, they are expanding mostly East of the Mississippi river and are now growing very heavily in the NY market. Checkers is a great opportunity

How much can a restaurant franchise sell for?

It depends on the location, the palatability of the product, and the popularity of your restaurant Franchise. A good way would be to look for any similar businesses that are

How do you start a restaurant franchise opportunity?

To start your own restaurant franchise, you will need to first note that you will have to invest a lot of money into your franchise. Then you can purchase part of an already e

What restaurant gives you the best franchise opportunity?

There are many franchise opportunities open to those looking to start their own business but the first thing to look into is the market you are looking to open in. Both Blimpi

Is it hard to find opportunies in restaurant franchises?

Finding opportunities in restaurant franchises is easier said than done . You must have a business degree or some type of experience to even get you started to even thinking a

How does one find a restaurant franchise opportunity?

Once you know how much money you have available and what franchises might be best for your business site, there are several ways to find restaurant franchise opportunities. Fo

What are the benefits of setting up restaurant franchises?

If someone sets up a restaurant franchise they are most benefited by being able to be their own boss. A great benefit of someone setting up a franchise, is they are in charge

How can you get a cheap restaurant franchise?

Cheap restaurant franchises can be located online at sites like restaurantfranchise and franchisehlep. There are also other sites with this information on. If this is a new bu

What are the benefit of setting up restaurant franchises?

The Benefits for setting up arestaurant franchisee are: 1. Tried & tested : Generally restaurant concept is alreadytried & tested , so there is lesser risk of the concept to