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It was like u turn a stick and it take pictures really fast on slides and projects super fast on a screen to form a video. That is why you can catch a glimpse of black every microsecond in old movies.

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Q: What was the first type of video camera made?
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Can I add music to video's made with my Small Wonder video camera?

It really just the type of video editing software you use , not the type of camera you use.

What's the best type of home video camera currently available?

The best home video camera is the Canon XH A1 digital recorder.

What type of camera is the one from Cody Simpson's iYiYi Music Video?

Fuji Film Instant Camera,

What type of video camera is used in the movie chronicle?

The Arri Alexa Super 35mm Digital Cinema Camera

Can you explain what an IP camera is?

IP camera stands for "internet protocol camera" and is a type of video camera that is usually use for surveillance. It is very similar to a webcam, because the video can be transmitted online or over a network, but it is typically used only for surveillance.

What type of memory stick do you need for a psp?

the kind that goes in a video camera.

What are the different features of a camera and video recorder?

The different features of a camera and video recorder include zoom, what type of batteries they use, and the amount of mega pixels. The type of memory card is also a very important feature.

Where can I buy an inexpensive kids video camera?

There are cameras designed to be "kid tough." However, if you want better quality of images and if your kids are a little older or the responsible type, then I suggest an affordable camera with video features. If you only want a video camera then the Flip video camera is one of the cheapest. It costs around $150 depending on what store you go to.

what is an ip camera, and uses for it?

In IP Camera is called an Internet Protocol Camera. Its a type of video camera commonly used for surveillance. It sends data via a computer network an the interent.

What is the best video camera for a kid?

The best type of video camera that is best for a kid, would be one that is very durable and long-lasting. It would have to survive lots of wear and tear.

What type of port do you use to connect a video digital camera to a computer?

USB Port

I am on the market for a new digital camera. What is an ip camera and what are the uses?

In IP Camera is called an Internet Protocol Camera. Its a type of video camera commonly used for surveillance. It sends data via a computer network an the interent.

Where can I find a new battery for my video camera?

If you look at the owner's manual, you will be able to find which type of battery you need for the camera. Another easy way to find the battery type is to take the battery out of the camera and match it to a battery at the store.

What is special about an IP camera?

An Internet protocol camera is a type of digital video camera which is commonly employed for surveillance and these cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the internet.

How do you make a vlog?

Vlogs are a type of journal. To do one all you need is a video camera, then you just say to the camera what you would write in a journal or diary.

If you make a YouTube account how do you make a video?

just record it with your camera then hook your camera up to the coumpter then type in the URL to where u wanna send it to

What type of camera does an iPod 4th gen have?

HD 720HD Video Recording. Apple does not state what Megapixel the camera is although I think it's VGA

How many people have pooped while submitting a question on this website?

No one knows unless they type that they did, they have a photo, or a camera, and a video camera and it got posted. That is how you will know.

What type of power did the first camera use?

Double A Batteries.

Do you have to buy a specific type of editing software for a specific type of video camera or does any editing software work for any video camera?

Sorry I don't know the answer I'm not in film school(which i heard was a waste of time) and I'm on the path to shooting a short movie. Please answer

Do you have to use a webcam to video chat?

if you have a laptop then yo could use it if you have another type of cumputer then probably you will need to buy a video chat camera...

What video editing software can you use for a JVC everio video camera and that works with windows XP?

you can use lots of video editing softwares out there, it doesn't matter what type of camera you have or software you use, i prefer: pinnacle, movie maker, or video wave. If you have a win xp, movie maker should already be on there.

Does The c210 Logitech Webcam Have Video Effects?

so far im sorry but no this type of camera does not have any effects

What is the best digital video camera available?

Depending on what type of footage you are looking to shoot, most information is pointing to a Kodak or Canon digital video camera. Panasonic and Sony also offer some very good choices as well.

How do you use the front camera on your samsung f480i?

that is exactly what i want to know can you use the front camera for photos or just for video call just type *#0*# than 8