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I'm pretty sure it was either the Industrial Workers of the World. This union was full of the social undesirable - anarchists, immigrants, etc. It just makes logical sense that they would be. By the way are you in Field's class?

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Who was the first labor union to welcome blacks women and immigrants?

Knights of Labor

What was one reason that Blacks were targeted by New York City immigrants during the city's draft riots?

For many Irish immigrants, the new Union draft laws gave credence to the ideas of many immigrants that to be drafted meant that they were going to risk their lives to "save Blacks in the South". Also, businessmen often hired Freed Blacks as strike breakers for the Irish dock workers.

Blacks in the South relied on the Union League to?

Blacks in the south relied on the union league to educate them on their civic duties.

Are the all blacks playing rugby league or rugby union?


What was the first sport to be played by Australians?

cricket, AFL, rugby union and Horse Racing your welcome lads

How many blacks served in the union army durning the civil war?

About 180,000-200,000 blacks, two thirds of them former slaves served in the Union armies.

After Union victories in the South blacks would cross over to the Union lines?


Who are the All Blacks and what sport do they play?

The All Blacks are the national Rugby Union team of New Zealand.

Who is on top of the ladder for rugby union?

The All Blacks

Were blacks treated equally to whites in the Union army?


What was the relationship between whites and blacks during the civil war?

Bad in the Confederacy but not bad in the Union. In fact, the Union liberated many blacks and used black soldiers.

Who is the best rugby union team ever?

Its the All Blacks

What were the freed slaves rebelling against the Union called?


Why did northern blacks want to join the union army?

because they did

Which railroad did Irish immigrants help in?

union pacific

What immigrants worked for the Union Pacific Railroad?


What happened to the immigrants during the civil war?

The immigrants usually were sent to the battle feild in the union army.

What is the nickname of the IWW union members?

The "Wobblies" (; Your welcome!

Did Argentina ever beat the All Blacks?

As of February 2016, Argentina have never beaten the All Blacks in a rugby union match.

Did free blacks join the union at the beginning of the civil war?


In which sport would the All Blacks play the Wallabies?

Rugby Union

What national labor union included blacks and whites as its members?


Who is the most successful team in rugby?

All Blacks - Union code

What did the union have that the confederate's didn't have?

blacks on there team they refuse to work to gether

Irish immigrants helped build what Railroad?

union pacific