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the great fire of London

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Q: What was the great fire in 1776?
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When do the british open fire of New York?

September 1776

In 1776 who was Britains king?

King George III was the king of Great Britain in 1776.

When was Great Jacamar created?

Great Jacamar was created in 1776.

What type of government did great Britain have in 1776?


Who was the king in Great Britain in 1776?

King George III.

In what year did the Thirteen Colonies declare their independence from Great Britan?


When was it when the colonies declared independence from great Britain?

On the fourth of July, 1776.

From what country did America declare itself independent?

Great Britain on the 4th of July 1776.

When did the great fire start?

The Great Fire of London was in 1666.

How did the fire department react to the great fire of London?

The Great Fire of London was in 1666 and there was no fire department at that time.

Which state fought for the independence of the nation from great Britain in 1776?

There were no "states" in 1776, but 13 colonies and all were involved in some way in the fight for independence.

The 13 colonies were founded and controlled by which European country until 1776?

The 13 colonies were founded and controlled by Great Britain until 1776.