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To answer this question, clarification of the question is needed i.e. what was the gun used on the beaches of Normandy by a.Germans,b.British or c. Germans.Which country does the questioner want the answer to?Also, which typr of gun? small arms or howitzers or field artillery etc etc


On the American side, if you've seen 'Saving Private Ryan', there were three rifles used. The most common was the M1 "Garand", a semi-automatic rifle in 30-06 (cartridge type/calibre), which makes a little bell-like sound when its empty clips are ejected. This was the standard-issue rifle. The two other rifles mentioned were the B.A.R. - Browning Automatic Rifle - a fully-automatic rifle shooting 30-06, and the bolt-action Springfield 1903, also in 30-06.

Actually, a fourth American rifle from that movie scene is the "Tommy Gun" - a Thompson submachine gun - shooting 45 ACP cartridges (the same cartridge used by the Colt 1911 pistol).


There were also M1 (semi-automatic) and M2 (automatic) Carbines used (.30 Carbine cartridge), as well as M1911A1 (.45 ACP) sidearms, again, still referring to the Americans.


U.S. infantry units also carried the MM-2-2 Flamethrower, and the .30 Cal Machine gun M1919. Officers often carried the .30 Cal M-1 carbine. Incidentally, General Gavin CO 82nd Airborne preferred issuance of Garand M1s instead of Carbines or automatics which were the standard issued weapons on airborne ops. The superior German MG42 was the most devastating German weapon, exceeding range/accuracy and rate of fire than any Allied gun. Mauser '98 was std German infantry issue as well as Parabellum 9mm lugar for officers and non-coms.

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Q: What was the gun they used on the beaches of Normandy?
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