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The Nazi's named it the Final Solution.

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How do you put the word Holocaust in a sentence?

A holocaust can also be called genocide.

What is the Holocaust referred to as?

The Holocaust is also known as a genocide.

What are blonde hair blue eyes people in the holocaust called?

In the Holocaust, the non-Jewish people with these characteristics were called Aryans.

When and what was the Holocaust?

The holocaust official began on the night called Kristallnacht. There were also rules that lead up to this day forbidding Jews or some certain rights. In the end the holocuast began in 1939.

What were the results of Nazi anti-semitic policies?

The end result was the Final Solution, also called the Holocaust.

What factors or issues led to the Holocaust?

Kristallnacht. It's called the turning point of the holocaust.

What were the names of the heroes who helped the Holocaust?

those who helped the Holocaust were called Nazis, but they were not Heroes.

Does Houston have a museum called the Holocaust Museum?

Yes. There are also other US cities with Holocaust Museums, which you can find listed in the related link below. This link gives you the locations of all Holocaust Museums in the US, and around the world, as well as information on each of them. Currently, there is a total of 65 Holocaust Museums.

Why was Hitler's attack called the Holocaust?

Hitler's attack was called THE HOLOCAUST because he killed many Jews (around 6 million).

Where can you find pictures of the Holocaust?

See the related links below.There are some amazing pictures of the Holocaust in the book called A Pictorial History of the Holocaust

When did the Holocaust come to be called the Holocaust?

The term the Holocaust only came into widespread use in the late 1970s after the showing of the TV miniseries with that title.

What was the Holocaust called the night of?

the holocaust wasn't called the night of anything but there was the "night of broken glass" which was called Kristallnacht. This was when the Nazis invaded destroyed Jewish owned businesses.

What is an example of Holocaust?

When the Jews were treated really badly by the Germans, and it was so bad it was called The Holocaust.

How many people were killed in the Iran Holocaust?

I don't think there is anything called the 'Iran Holocaust'.

What were the street soldiers called during Holocaust?

The 'stormtroopers' ceased to exist before the Holocaust started.

What group was the main target of genocide in Germany?

The Jews were the main target in Germany. The German genocide is also called the Holocaust.

What impact did Hitler have in the Holocaust?

he called for it to happen..................

Is there any poems from the Holocaust?

There are many poems from the Holocaust, and in fact there are anthologies of poetry from the Holocaust. One collection you might want to look at it is a book called Holocaust Poetry, edited by Hilda Schiff.

Did christens go to the holocaust?

The Holocaust was not a place to visit. The Holocaust was perpetrated by Christians against Jews. There were also, of course some Christian victims.

What were Jews called during the Holocaust?

they were called Jewels at one point.

Was there a hero in the Holocaust?

Of course! There are many. I'm not quite sure who they are, but there is actually a book called Heroes of the Holocaust.

Who were parted of the holocaust?

The German's were part of the Holocaust and so was Poland also the Jews were Ha Jews

Why was the Holocaust caused by one man?

The Holocaust was not caused by one man. Even though Heydrich was called the architect of the Holocaust, it took a whole nation (in fact many nations) to make the Holocaust a reality.

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