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Q: What was the idea of the expansion was good for the country and was right for the country?
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What did America lost from the westward expansion?

We lost respect. The idea of manifest destiny was good for the country, but the war with Mexico caused much bloodshed.

What was the idea that the expansion of the country to the pacific ocean and into Mexican territory was inevitable called?

Manifest Destiny

In world war 2 was evacuation a good idea?

Yes. Evacuation was a good idea because the children were safe in the country.

Is It a good idea to have an independent central bank?

Yes. Central banks are independent entities and they have the right to make rules and policy decisions governing the banks in their country.

Is protecting your country a good idea?

Protecting your country is definitely a good idea. The most common way to protect one's country is to join the military. However, civilians can also protect their country by supporting troops and reporting suspicious activity.

What do you mean by 'divine right of sovereignty'?

The Divine Right of sovereignty is the idea that the leader of a country rules by the will of God.

Is it a good idea to bomb other country?

No. Bombing other countries are not the best idea. Never try bombing other country and never do it at all.

Where can I get Expansion of the idea on the proverb life is a gift?

from where do i can get expansion of ideas of 2 pages from which site?

Expansion of idea on What Counts Is Trying?


Is running right after you eat a good idea?

No, running after eating isn't a good idea altogether because you can do sick or you could get a stomach ache.

Is it a good idea to take a cruise vacation right now?

If you wanted to take a cruise ship right now, it would be a good idea to check fares and if you really are looking into it, then anytime is good as long as you are prepared for weather conditions.

Disadvantages of a presidential government?

we can totally say that its a good idea to have presidential fomr of government . i know no one have an idea on that, i think its disadvantage is having the president to stop an act for a good country), its more eventually bad if the president have a bad idea in a country. but i think it will never happen.