The antifederalist view

Updated: 8/18/2023
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for a new constitution and a Bill of Rights

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They thought it wasn't a good idea.

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They thought that it was a good idea.

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Q: The antifederalist view
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What reason did the antifederalist give to defend their view on the constitution?

They didn't want a powerful executive to become a king or tyrant.

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Who are famous antifederalist?

i dont know the answer

Who were federalist and antifederalist?

the pesident

What is Benjamin Franklin federalist or an antifederalist?


Was Patrick Henry a antifederalist?

bob saggit

How did the federalist and antifederalist feel about the constitution?


Is Edmund Pendleton as federalist or an antifederalist?

He was a federalist

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Who was the anonymous antifederalist named cato?

George Clinton.

Was Hugh Blair Grigsby an antifederalist or federalist?