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Mass Communication conducted by the Germans to their own people brainwashed them into believing the lies, half truths and twisted truth fed to them over the radio and at rallies. They fully believed they would win the war and were winning the war when they had already lost the war. They believed there was a weapon that would end the war victoriously. In England they had to listen to Lord Haw Haw feed them lies from the Germans. The Britons laughed at him but at times he frightened the women and children. The British government counteracted the Germans by telling the populous the truth and encouraging them even in the face of danger. In Japan they had a woman who spoke to the US servicemen. Her name was Tokyo Rose. The men laughed at her all the time. They would listen to her to get a laugh, hear a woman's voice and to pick up on Japan's efforts in the war. In the United States Roosevelt used the media to promote encouragement and tell them about the progress of the two theaters of war. Mrs. Roosevelt used the newspaper to speak to the women of the country in a daily column. She spoke from her heart about many issues.

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Q: What was the impact of Mass Communication during World War 2?
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