What was the impact of the American Revolution on Europe?

The American Revolution had much influence beyond the political boundary of the new nation. Many liberal movements in Europe took heart from the accomplishment of the American Declaration of Independence, the war itself, and the creation of a new government to replace the British rule over the old colonies. Kings and Queens who believed in the Divine Right of Monarchs, began to see more liberalizing ideas developing among the population. Many peoples wished to either overthrow the idea of monarchy or, at least, establish a constitutional monarchy. The French Revolution was inspired by many of the ideals of the American Revolution, as well as the later revolutions in Central and South America by Spanish colonies wishing to rid themselves of Spanish control. Even into the 20th Century, the ideals of the Declaration and Bill of Rights are credited with inspiring the colonial revolts in Africa. Aside from the political ideals created, the Revolution provided a newly independent nation that would take place in commercial activities with the nations of Europe.