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Louis XVI's subject were discontent with his leadership because France was having serious financial problems and they blamed the monarchy's spending. He was married to Marie Antoinette.

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Q: What was the inflation and discontent with the leadership of Louis XVI about?
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How did Louis XVI weak leadership contribute to growing crisis in France?


Who was the French king beheaded during the French revolution?

Louis XVI (the sixteenth / seize)

Is Louis xvi single?

No, Louis xvi is not single.

Is Louis XV the father of Louis XVI?

Louis XV was the grandfather of Louis XVI

Who was the Grandson of Louis XVI?

Louis XVI never had a grandchild.

Who was Marie Antoinette's husband?

Louis XVI of France.

Who was the king of France when revolution broke out?

Louis XVI, who was beheaded along with his son, the [presumptive] Louis XVII. When the monarchy was restored, Louis XVIII became king.

What was the eventual fate of Louis XVI?

louis xvi along with his wife was guillotined

When did Trial of Louis XVI happen?

Trial of Louis XVI happened in 1792.

When is Louis xvi's birthday?

Louis xvi was born on August 23, 1754

Who was the french monarch from 1774-1794?

The King was Louis XVI.

When was Louis XVI of France born?

Louis XVI of France was born on 1754-08-23.